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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dem: Your opinion has little value if you don't get PAID

  It's quite something for Dems to claim Ann Romney hasn't "worked a day in her life."
  She has a resume, after all, in addition to raising five sons.
  • served as the Massachusetts governor's liaison for federal faith-based initiatives
  • she has been involved in children's charities
  • She's suffered from MS for 14 years
  • She is a breast cancer survivor
  • She's an accomplished equestrian
  • She was director of inner city Best Friends charity
  • She's been active in organizations to prevent teen pregnancy
  • She's raised money for MS awareness
  But apparently none of these things matter unless you get PAID.
  Hm. We've always known liberals value money more than Republicans.
  And hm. Why is it you can get paid pittance for taking care of others' children but if you care for your own, you're "not working."
  Though other Dems are now condemning this statement by Hilary Rosen, the truth is we know what they really think about those God fearing people who cling to their guns and religion.
  The establishment Dems can condemn this all they want but we all know it's the truth.

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