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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Haha! Black Trumpsters mock Hillary's no-show supporters

  At some point in the near future, I'm going to write about the funny stuff that has happened in this campaign. 
  There's a load of it, but, for tonight, I"m just going to post this video of Black Trump supporters whooping it up across the street from a Clinton office in Florida. 
  They find it quite amusing that only 8 people showed up for Hillary so the hooting begins. Personally I find this HILARIOUS, given the smug, self satisfied, contempt the media and Hillary show for the average working stiff of all colors.
  I also found it despicably hilarious that both Republicans and Democrats were on the Hill today mocking a Wells Fargo big wig for fraud and deceit.
  I mean, seriously?
  How can they stand their own smell, I wonder.
  The video is from the great Jim Hoft and this link is to DC Whispers, who claim Hillary is giving up in Florida because Trump has a double digit lead. 
  She's been dumping loads of cash--MILLIONS-- in Florida and Ohio with commercials, she has Hollywood & the media pushing her on to the public, she has a loyal incredibly cultic staff who will do whatever she wants and still she's not FIFTY POINTS AHEAD, you might ask?
  I dunno.
  It's a mystery.

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