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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post debate conclusions

  Having watched and reflected on the first 2016 debate, I have to say again I am absolutely fed up with the media's contemptuous disregard of voters.
  First, if we ignore the issues, I have to say Hillary's attitude was exactly what we've grown to expect from not only the MSM, but the D.C. area which is thriving above most of the rest of the country.You can actually track the average income by train line.
  A one bedroom house goes for almost $400,00. In fact:
As the Washington Post noted, Washington, D.C. “also has a staggering average per capita income of $74,733 for each of its 632,323 residents, which is 79% higher than the national average of $43,725.”
  So you can see why the Hillary crowd which includes IT people, Wall Street, journalists, the MSM not to mention the GOPe want to keep things the way they are. They have no clue what's going on out here nor do they want to find out.
  Because, see, Hillary, Lester Holt, Brit Hume and Dana Perino have no idea--forgotten or never knew--what it's like outside the privilege of D.C.
  That's why they have contempt for Trump, the billionaire, and for you and me.
  Now, I haven't been the biggest Trump fan in the world, but last night just convinced me that these people do not want to know anything about real life or us.
  Hillary's contempt, snobbery and innate superiority were on full display last night and it runs deep within the elite snobs who are the grandees of the circuit.
  To be honest, I despise them.
  Was Trump perfect last night? No. Did he answer every question perfectly? No. Could he have hit more good points to snag Hillary Yes.
  Does this matter to me?
  He isn't perfect. He isn't a politician. He doesn't have a perfected line that has been found spotless by the media.
  He hasn't been sitting in DC for 30 years perfecting that crap.
  I kept triggering back to Romney each time Trump smarted off at Hillary and it was good.
  No other Republican would have handed it back to Holt and Clinton the way Trump did.
  And speaking of Holt, didn't we all expect him to cheat his way through the debate? Admittedly we would have accepted Holt's duplicity if he had treated Clinton with the same iron claw that he did Trump.
  But he didn't. Instead Holt questioned, requestioned and asked the tough ones of Trump, saving his career and Clinton's.
  Again, Clinton looked better than usual, her face plumped and polished, scorn showing clearly on her face as Trump gulped water somewhat nervously.
  But then, that's what we've grown accustomed to seeing. 
  We all know no one, no one would have seen Hillary's seizure if a bystander hadn't grabbed it on his phone.
  She's a Manchurian candidate, one who will do anything to win.
  Including receive the questions in advance, as the Baltimore Gazette suggests?
  Wear an undercover mic?
  Who knows?
  All I know is she's a cheater and I wouldn't put anything past her.
  I also know Mr. Adaptability will figure her out.
  We can only hope their over confidence will grow.

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  1. I doubt if anyone outside of the Washington bubble cares about Trump's taxes and many agree with his estimate of Rosie O'Donnell.