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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The stink of today's Democrat party

  Hillary's stiffened collapse on Sunday has triggered an avalanche of theories, primarily as a result of her shrouding her campaign in secrecy: the internet has taken off with speculation that she has a body double, that she has Parkinson's, that she has a colostomy which resulted in a small metal object dropping from her pants, and that her replacement is being discussed and that her "pneumonia" was not pneumonia.
  At this point, wow. Is any of this possible because Hillary is such a LIAR?
  Well, we'll let our reader/s speculate on that.
  Meanwhile never Trumper Brit Hume, who used to be a FNC favorite, has taken the place of the ever study Greta Van Susteren, who has chosen the option of wiggling out of her contract. Greta is still available on FB; her words are always worth considering.
  What's most astounding to me is that so many establishment Republicans are still so anti-Trump, some even endorsing the execrable Hillary Clinton, whose sorry ass is being dragged half dead across the finish line.
  Look, Trump isn't the ideal candidate but he certainly doesn't compare to the "Weekend with Hillary" we're promised if she gets in.
  She has had every advantage a candidate can have, including press manipulation and distortion, Hollywood fawning, millions of dollars from around the world and utter corruption to boost her sagging ratings. 
  We might note that Chris Cuomo of the New York political family and CNN "journalist" said "We can't help Hillary any more than we have."
  The truth is she's vicious toward the average American, just as Obama has been vicious, dividing people into those of whom they approve and those whom their rabid and blind followers are supposed to hate. 
  While we in the deplorable basket are subjected to repeated slurs, we are not supposed to respond in kind,even in view of utter corruption of all we hold dear in America.
  Now Trump has proposed a child care tax credit which sent the Never Trumpers into a frenzy, claiming that only the wealthy could afford nannies so the proposal would only benefit....yada yada yada.
  This is simply not true: the proposal will include offsetting the cost of care for a family's elderly members.
  Personally I'm not in favor of writing more tax laws that complicate the mess we have already; the federal tax code is almost 75,000 pages long now.
  But let's be honest here: any code that is that long benefits those who can afford tax preparers so anything that benefits working families is a relief.
  The best thing would to be trash the whole code, rewrite it and make it as simple as possible.
  If you're honest, you have to admit that Democrats are dishonest and working hard to benefit their favored constituencies, which include people who are here breaking our laws, so if this law would favor working families, why not.
  Open the borders with no boundaries whatsoever? 
  Import low wage workers? 
  Openly encourage law breakers? 
  Mock people of faith? 
  Work to destroy way of life and government? 
  Let lying liars cheat to vote by not requiring ID? 
  Encourage victimization of women and minorities? 
  Ridicule patriots? 
  Laud millionaire athletes who disrespect the National Anthem?  
  Disrespect our history, our law enforcers, our traditions?
  Yeah, that's today's Democrat party.
  And this explains Donald Trump. He's far from perfect or even ideal, but he's not Hillary Clinton and he is willing to encourage patriotism and the laws of this country.

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