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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clinton/Obama support, even encourage lawlessness, overseas and at home

    Years ago in a graduate English class--my first one--one of the wiser elder students warned me not to take too seriously the PhD candidates. And, indeed, many of them were impressive--self confident, brimming with carefully chosen bits of information, eager to display their "knowledge" and quick to be first in discussion.
  They were also verbally abusive, insufferably arrogant and cutting during any disagreement, disdainfully implying you were an idiot if you opposed the world as they saw it.
  Now I value education, particularly self education.
  But I also value truth, true intellectual debate and living in reality.
  This is apparently not true for most of Washington's elite, in the political class, the chattering class and the media which appears to only do their duty when a Republican is in office and, even then, only if the story fits the narrative of their world view. This is a common practice widely known as civic journalism.
  Thus we have the debacle of Hillary Clinton's appearance before the House committee spun as a tremendous boost for a liar who did not have a public pants wetting meltdown like she did last time she was on the stand.
  But, oh believe me, there are many sound bites that are going to come back to haunt the "presidential" nominee who exactly fits the description of those PhD students I described. 
  I listened to much of Hillary's hearing on c Span and was frankly disgusted that she openly lied to the public and loved ones of the murdered men about the cause for the murders while crying on her daughter's shoulder for sympathy because she'd had a rough night, given the murders of U.S. State Department officials.
  Her behavior and the coverage of it is nauseating: few commentators discussed the substance of her answers and what they revealed.
  Instead the buzz was all about her behavior and how she had hit one outta the park by not screaming and having a public seizure on the conference room floor in front of the cameras. Admittedly the bar was set low, as they say.
 Commentary calls it "Washington's Sickness Exposed":
Media elites raced to confirm the conventional wisdom that Clinton’s more-in-sorrow tone, her theatrical shows of boredom, and her policy knowledge handed her a “win,” as though the verbiage of a petty contest was appropriate to describe an investigation of such objective gravity. The gushing over the beatified Clinton’s poise under pressure has reached levels of hagiography the left once reserved exclusively for Beyoncé Knowles. The number of political reporters who chose in their reaction to the hearing not to distinguish themselves markedly from partisan Democratic communications operatives is too copious to recount fully. 
  Clinton's opening speech was dramatically irritatingly slow; her "tribute" to Ambassador Stevens reduced him to a man who knew the risks and should have been aware of the odds of being murdered. 
  At times it seemed as if she--and then the media--blamed Stevens for his own death. We've seen this attitude in CNN's Toobin and other Clinton/Obama supporters who have completely ignored the 600 calls for help issued by Stevens.
  How does Hillary get around those 600 calls for more security?
  She simply says none of those calls for help even made it to her desk, as if that were an adequate reason or excuse.
  I'm guessing if it were Paris, Hillary! would have found a way to know about 600 calls for help.
  And this woman who has so little contact with her own department that 600 calls for help go unnoticed wants to be COMMANDER IN CHIEF?
  Over a year ago, bloggers wondered if the stupid video excuse--now exposed as a complete lie--was sponsored by Clinton's and Obama's connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the more interesting claims in the report is that the Administration's ridiculous effort to blame the attack on an anti-Muslim YouTube video was coordinated with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups that in turn called for restrictions on Americans' free speech rights. The Mail commented in its story that the claim "strains credibility," but such a scheme sounds right up the alley for this Administration, which has always played fast and loose with facts in its efforts to control the media and the free speech of its critics. It also sounds spot on for an Administration where the president hardly makes a move without permission from the communist-connected, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, and where Clinton's right-hand girl Huma Abedin has known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  Unless you're a deluded sycophant, it's difficult to ignore both Clinton's and Obama's pro-Islamist, pro-lawlessness leanings. 
  The Middle East is aflame because neither of these American "leaders" would support democracy; rather, every time there was a choice, these two choose to support forces that will lead to an Islamist Caliphate. 
  Europe's laws and borders mean nothing, nor do ours.
  And even as the Black Lives Matters strings to the White House become more visible, Obama openly encourages their lawlessness, apparently oblivious that the BLM crowd consistently calls for the murder of police and anarchy in the streets. 
  In June 2015, Conservative Treehouse noticed the strings to the White House. Charts of White House logs are over at the Treehouse:
 There you can see the founders of “Black Lives Matter” directly tied to the White House, and Michelle Obama 2013 – 2015.  The dates of activism beginning just as they shared, in the aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial and just as they describe in their movement literature.
  In fact, BLM's top agitator has been openly visiting the White House--that we know of-- since 2011.
DeRay McKesson, the professional agitator who shows up to fan the flames wherever there are racial tensions involving the police, visited the White House three times in 2011 — twice in February of that year, and once in August.
According to the Washington Post’s database (taken from the WH vistors logs), two of the visits appear to have been to the White House Visitor Office. The February 13 visit —  if WaPo’s tool is correct — was to the Old Executive Office Building where McKesson met with Zachary Russem.
  When they get arrested for their lawlessness, they demand reparations.
  So here we are, surrounded by pompous know it alls in DC who support anarchy, division and lawlessness.
  And though Hillary Clinton's great achievement of holding on to her temper was the achievement touted around the media last week, we have learned that she does not care about details, does not care to hear subordinates, has little command over daily details of running a state department and most of all, lies at will to defend her neglect and inadequate overseer duties of her job.
  Obama and Hillary! are indeed cut from the same cloth. 
  Historic precedents indeed.

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