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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shock! Jerusalem stabbers' welfare benefits cut off

  The New York Times, in its infinite insight and conscientious reportage, has pointed out that Arab residents in East Jerusalem are upset about the stabbings Arabs have committed against Israelis victims who are mostly young and elderly.
  Arab residents are "bubbling over with despair," the writer explains plaintively. The NYT bitchers commenters on this article complain that most of the stabbings result merely in "wounds" rather than deaths so why be so harsh on the assailants?
  Jerusalem's Arabs won't vote in the elections because they feel that would acknowledge Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, then they complain they aren't represented in the elections. They're "entitled to full Israel citizenships," as one commenter says, but few choose to accept citizenship as Israeli authority over them. 
  Thus, they have reason to complain.
  Other commenters complain that overall more Palestinians and Arabs are killed than Israelis and that just isn't fair
  A primary complaint of the writer at the New York Times is that an 18 year old stabber who stabbed a man in the back has had her residency from the city revoked; other complaints are guarded check points, the "knowledge about the discrimination" in spite of the "robust economy," and the "overflowing" trash bins in Arab neighborhoods.
  The city is divided by an "ugly  barrier" --the wall--that keeps out terrorists. And now the attackers--and the 18 year old stabber--are ineligible for "welfare benefits":
Now, as part of Israel’s crackdown, the interior minister is taking the rare step of revoking the residency of the college student from Sur Baher and 16 other alleged attackers — plus the citizenship of two more. They would still be able to live in the city, but would lose all social-welfare benefits and would need to renew visas every few months.
  I know I'm biased for Israel, the only tiny democracy in the Middle East, but whew! How mean can you get? Not to pay welfare benefits for terrorists? What, are they turning into American leftists who prefer illegal immigrant murderers over the lives of average Americans? 
  Moral equivalency!
  Whining about brimming trash bins when you teach your children "how to stab a Jew," and send out myriads of stabbers to kill people? Palestinian Jerusalem residents can "work and travel through Israel as do citizens," but, alas, this freedom only makes them feel deprived of all they "do not have."
  Even the left wing Vox acknowledges it's been going on for quite some time:
Currently, only Muslims are allowed to pray atop the hill, part of a political arrangement (called "the Status Quo") designed to keep the peace. However, a group of Jewish radicals are attempting to assert Jewish rights to pray there — which Palestinians see as a threat.
"Since the Jewish 'high holidays' began in mid-September, Palestinian youth have been throwing stones and firecrackers at the Israeli police to prevent the entry of groups of religious Jews, who have been ascending the [Temple Mount] with the intention of changing the current arrangements at the site," Ofer Zalzberg, a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, writes. "Palestinians, who have suffered the desecration of many mosques and holy sites since 1948, feel like they have seen this movie before and fear where it ends."
  What always amazes is the left wing media's choice of verbs, descriptors and explanations for the wrong doings of those they admire and those they despise. Here it is keeping the peace by keeping Jewish "radicals" out of a place that they consider equally valuable religiously. 
  Terrorists are described as "youth" and the Palestinians have "suffered the desecration of many mosques and holy sites" even though mosques are well known to provide sanctuary for terrorists and arms build up. Even Muslim sacred sites--not to mention many other religions'--are not exempt from attacks by Muslim terrorists.
  Though Palestinians themselves endorse violence against Israelis, they want to maintain their citizenship under Israelis rather than Palestine.
A June poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 61 percent of Palestinians in Jerusalem support “armed struggle” against Israel. Yet 52 percent said they would prefer to be citizens of Israel with equal rights than citizens of a Palestinian state, up from a third in 2010.
  Needless to say, the increasing delusion of the left is a--uh--concern.
  The article also contains lots of Palestinian complaints about lacking respect and dignity, feeling neglected and "unwanted."
  You'd think committing murder--and training your children to murder--would create in you your own lack of respect and dignity.
  Apparently, not so much.

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