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Friday, October 2, 2015

NO on Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

  I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with Salon. Kevin McCarthy is a man "out of his depth."
  His stupidity on Hannity the other night in which he declared Hillary's numbers are down because of the Benghazi hearings did great damage to that committee.
  I might remind Mr. McCarthy that 4 men died that night and it is the job of political types to find out why and prevent it from happening again.
   I might remind Mr. McCarthy that Trey Gowdy worked very hard to actually do his job making those hearings about the loss America suffering, not about scoring political points, even if the end does serve that means.
  I might remind Mr. McCarthy that both he and Boehner have never made the case to the American people for either conservative principles or opposition positions to the wildly loony Left that runs the Democrat party.
  Not that he's listening to me. After all, I'm just a taxpayer who's absolutely disgusted with D.C. and its corruption. In addition, McCarthy comes across as a light weight who can't handle the requirements of the job. 
 It's also distasteful that the married McCarthy is conducting an "open secret" love affair with Rep. Renee Elmers. We really don't need any more of this.
  It's odd that the Democrat party presidential candidates are suffering from the disease which has traditionally afflicted Republicans: yes, I"m old, yes, I'm decrepit, but HEY! I'm next in line to be my party's candidate!!! GIVE IT TO ME!
  The same does not have to be said about House Speaker.
  So, please, you idiots.
  Not Kevin McCarthy.

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