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Thursday, October 1, 2015

ABC pushes Jeb Bush against Carson

  I've been a fan of Ben Carson for many years; although some observers have misgivings about his ability to govern because of a lack of political experience, I see that quality a benefit, given the utter corruption we are seeing in Congress on all sides.
  Anyone who can put together a team of doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists for the kind of surgeries Carson performed has the qualities of leadership needed for today's American leader. It takes quality to know quality, something Barack Obama is particularly good at, given his low personal quality as a leader and the low personal qualities of the Kerry, Holder and Clinton types he's appointed to govern these United States.
  So naturally, considering Carson has raised over $20 million this quarter and given his place in the admittedly stupid polls, the media waits to pounce on another flub, which Carson has certainly committed since his run began.
  So ABC is eagerly slobbering, waiting ike huge hairy spiders in a lair, to get Carson, today exhibiting their buffoonery with the question "how would you deal with Hurricane Joaquin."
  ABC describes the encounter this way in an article titled:

Ben Carson Cannot Say How He Would Tackle Hurricane Joaquin

“Uh, I don’t know,” Carson said with a giggle in response to an ABC News question asking what steps he would take if he was president today. 
  A giggle? I watched this exchange and wondered where the heck ABC gets their descriptors given this exchange. A giggle implies girlish indecision and lack of concern. Apparently Carson's benevolent smile of tolerance is misinterpreted as a giggle, given the discernment and intelligence of today's media.
  The article goes on to helpfully explain that Jeb Bush would know exactly what to do. Jeb Bush had a "rather detailed response," which included telling "government officials on the East Coast to be prepared for what could be a devastating storm" which was terribly enlightened advice that only an experienced government official could and would give.
  Duh. Seriously? Um, a fifth grader coulda thought of that. 
  But then, the news media seems to have the instincts and intellect of a first grader, sooooo......
  Watch for yourself. 
  IT WAS A STUPID QUESTION! I screamed that, in cast you didn't realize it. GAAHHHHH!!!

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