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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Left's continued fraud in 4 examples

  We have four excellent examples today of the fraud the Left continues to perpetrate. 
  1) Bill Nye the "Science Guy" is emblematic of Democrat "knowledge" used to build the case for whatever their latest craze.
  Bill Nye the "Science Guy" is actually a mechanical engineer; he served a gig as a "science guy" on tv for kids (naturally) so now he's an authority on abortion.
  Nye's latest diatribe is available at YouTube under the ironic name of "Big Think." In it, Nye claims that if you want to stop or limit abortion, "you literally don't know what you're talking about."
  (The use of the word literally there is, again, ironic, considering Nye is a mechanical engineer and lots of real scientists and doctors have a serious problem with abortion, particularly late term.)
  Some dope whose column is cleverly titled "Because Science" encourages Nye to "preach" his message that you are "ignorant" if you're are anti-abortion because science. No facts. No logic. Just because science.
  But Nye is only one of many frauds being foisted on lazy uninformed Americans these days.
  2) The 14 year old whose "clock" inspired outrage among Leftists has milked the story as far as it can go, including free tuition, lots of money, an invitation to the White House and a ramp up of the grievance industry who claimed that there's no way a teacher would have thought this faceless "clock" was a bomb if good old Ahmed weren't a Mohammed.

  So if you're trying to figure out this is a "clock" whose intention is to tell time, well, because racism
  On to the climate warming scam. 
  3) We've known for quite some time that the numbers the Left uses are cooked, not by atmospheric rises of temperature but by fraud, er, science.
  Now, when you don't have the numbers you want, we learn, what you do is called infill.
  Never heard of infilling? That's because another name for it is called estimating.
  What's the problem with estimating to determine global warming?
  Because another name for estimating is guessing.
  What's the problem with guessing?
  You don't know and, unfortunately being human, when you guess, you infill your knowledge bank with what you want to be true.
  Because agenda.
  Now for our last example of the fraud the Left perpetrates.
  4)  We've been lectured repeatedly that we don't do enough for the gay agenda. That people are suffering because they're gay and because homophobia.That y'all are so mean and that you just don't love enough, compared to the folks who are just who they are.
  That following the gay agenda will only lead to happiness and fairness for all.
  That poor poor transgender folks need to come out of the closet, not just to combat phobias, but to live normal joyful lives.
  So how does this lecture point end?
  A good example is the caution over at the SFGate where an author warns parents not to take their kids over to the Folsom Street "Fair" (her neighborhood) where the annual BDSM "fair" is going on.
  It's absolutely revolting, especially for a "news" organization but gives a slight picture of what goes on in the world of San Francisco, where everybody is free to be me.
  If you want to see what really goes on with alternate lifestyles, check out Zombietime. Be prepared. It's not safe for work or even your mind. There's more. 
  The point is that Leftists are always working an angle to get what they want, which is power and a diminished Christian state of mind in this country.
  They won't quit. 
  And neither should we.

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