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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How many servers did Hillary have?

How many email servers did Hillary Clinton have? It's curious that only Breitbart, who should be commended for exceptional investigative journalism, is the only media outlet to report that both and shared the same IP address. The finding is mentioned by Investors' Business Daily and maybe one or two other sites but one would think it would at least get a mention on Fox or CNN. Sharing they same IP address means both the office of Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation shared the same network and both servers could have easily resided on the same machine. How very cozy! If they did not share the same printers it is only because Bill and Hillary, co-conspirators if you will, did not use a network printer which would seem a bit odd.
One question the Breitbart post raises but doesn't address is what server was Hillary using prior to 2010-01-22, a year after she began her tenure at state. Her server was online from that date until 2015-07-29 which is interesting as she left State on February 1, 2013. You may view that record here and the Clinton Foundation's record here. . And it get more involved both Hillary and the Foundation shared two different IP address at different times..
Let me quote Breitbart
President Clinton’s server was created in 2002, while Hillary’s was created in 2009, which means that Hillary’s server was simply added to Bill’s Foundation-run server network.
They Had The SAME IP Address When She Was Secretary of State
Hillary’s server and Bill’s Foundation-run server also shared a different IP address during her tenure as Secretary of State.
From September 8, 2009 until June 24, 2011, Bill Clinton’s Foundation-run server had an IP address of, according to DNS records.
Hillary’s server had the same exact IP address,, from the dates May 21, 2010 until October 21, 2010, according to DNS records.
Furthermore the Breitbart determined that the server were located in midtown Manhattan before it was moved to Hillary's Chappaqua home until it was eventually moved to a New Jersey location by Platte River Networks.
Obviously the FBI knows all of this and probably a great deal more but this is beginning to read like a spy novel. Did Hillary have one, two, or three private servers? Did employees of the Clinton Foundation have access to classified email? Why is the mainstream media mum on this issue. It gets curiouser and curiouser.

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