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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hillary--the great representative of today's Democrat

  Hillary's campaign is imploding. Personally I'm hoping this doesn't happen too soon because she's a terrible candidate and someone who would not only carry on Obama's legacy of "fundamentally changing" America but worsen it. 
  I can't even think about what he's done already and then what's to come if another Democrat takes office.
  First up, we have the (so far) rumors that HIllary's health is failing. Radar has some pictures and narrative here;  the New York Post has a few nuggets here:
The 67-year-old Democratic front-runner has been “frequently plagued” by “blinding headaches” and a series of strokes over the course of the campaign which have left her second-guessing her chances of winning in 2016, says the upcoming book “Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary.”
  Yesterday a report emerged that the FBI has acquired Hillary's deleted emails, along with another report that the company hosting her server was hacked by the Chinese.
  Breitbart has been doing a great job reporting these days, including this information that reveals the hacks came from the Chinese:
The names of the domains used by the hackers included taunts at the United States. The domains included “,” “,” and “” (The “prc” in the latter domain might have represented “People’s Republic of China,” according to Krebbs).
  I have come to believe that today's Democrats have no scruples about lying, cheating, stealing and even endorsing murder and the trafficking of baby body parts. Persecuting those with whom they do not agree through an all powerful government while throwing taxpayer money at their cronies is the way today's Democrats operate.
  It's just business as usual and it's all fair for a Democrat to do it while mocking any Republican who might actually have moral standards. Unfortunately many of the Republicans are not far behind, just waiting in the wings for their turn to do similar deeds. 
  At least Republican feel bad when they do it and kick to the curb who get caught with their hands in cookie jars.
  But I should take heart, I suppose, in that so many Democrats are running for the seemingly innocuous Bernie Sanders, who at least appears to be exactly who he is: a money grubbing Santa Claus socialist who wants the privilege of taking money from the hard working and giving it to the non-productive. 
  He fits in perfectly with the Democrat ideals of just making stuff up.
  Cuz, yeah, he's the one who thinks cervical cancer can be cured by orgasms. Even if he doesn't believe it now, he actually did at one time.
  Another Democrat grounded in reality! YEAH!

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