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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trump leads Hillary by 18 points among registered voters in Survey USA poll

It's a hell of a way for Democrats to end the summer. The latest Survey USA poll has Trump beating all Democratic comers. Trump beats Clinton 45% to 40%, Sanders 44% to 40%, Biden 44% to 42%, and Gore 44% to 41% and that is the good news. In a sub sample of 900 registered voters who say they pay "a lot" of attention to politics, in other words likely voters, Trump creams Hillary 54% to 36%, Sanders 53% to 39%, Biden 53% to 37% and Gore 54% to 36%. If there is any consolation for RINO Republicans in this poll it may be the fact that Hillary, while losing by 18 points overall, does  manage to get 50% of the Hispanic vote to Trump's 31%. There is a 20 point gender gap but the question to be asked is why does Hillary only get 35% of the male vote while Trump gets 39% of the female vote.
Yes, it is early. Much could change. Trump could implode. Hillary could go to jail. Jeb could ingest enough medications to give the appearance of enthusiasm or John Kasich could master ebonics and win with the black vote but if Hillary were beating the Republican front runner by 18 points in a poll with a +/- 3.3 sampling error I would be sick.

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