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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Will Hillary get 1 (Obama) judge to rule them all?

  Well, why would "the government" want all Hillary's email problems assigned to a single judge preferably one appointed by a Democrat or one whose communications have been monitored by Obama's NSA instead of 17 pesky judges appointed by less reliable presidents? From Roll Call:
The government cited those statistics in its motion to the District Court asking for one judge to handle all the cases. The motion illustrates how much the trove of emails to and from the Democratic presidential candidate has captured the attention of the media, government watchdogs and criticism from Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
Different judges in the District Court are being asked “to impose a variety of search regimes, resulting in a hodgepodge of orders directing how State manages the search and production of the emails,” the government said. “The result is confusion, inefficiencies, and advantages given to some requesters at the expense of others,” the government states.
“The appointment of a coordinating judge not only would avoid these results but would assist State in its efforts to complete production of the documents produced by former Secretary Clinton by the end of January 2016.”
  Admittedly it's a real pain to have to defend yourself in court, to think up different ways to explain what you did. 
  It will be interesting to watch this unfold. Is Obama at the bottom of all this? Or will he bail her out? 

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  1. Personally I would prefer a Clinton appointee, Judge Emmet Sullivan.