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Monday, September 28, 2015

Jordan Spieth wins with class

Just when you are about to write off the now generation as a bunch of over privileged slackers someone like Jordan Spieth comes along and damn; he's the greatest roll model since Roy Rogers. Today the 22 year old Texan won the Coca Cola TOUR Championship. His 4 stroke win also made him winner of the Fed Ex Cup which is awarded on points earned during the season. In 2015 the pride of Dallas's Jesuit College Preparatory School won five tournaments including two majors, the Masters and the US Open. It was a very good year. Spieth won over $22 million this season and resurrects memories of Mohammad Ali, Bobby Fischer and Secretariat. He is a breed apart who has progressed from star, to super star, to legend in a single season.

As remarkable as his talent may be it's Spieth's character that really sets him apart. He eschews the first person singular pronoun. It's always we, meaning his caddy, coach, and family. At the Masters and the US Open Jordan rented two houses; one for his family and friends to party in and one where he and his caddy could get some sleep. At the family house, rules prohibit any mention of golf. Instead of a crowd of hustlers and hanger-on's the Spieth entourage includes parents, grandparents, siblings and friends from high school. On winning a tournament the first congratulations always come from his special needs sister, Ellie, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and high school sweetheart, Annie Verret.

On the course Jordan is a gentleman's gentleman. When he strikes the ball television viewers are treated to a G-rated stream of commentary as he instructs the ball to do his bidding. In the video below he gets a high five from this years Players Championship winner Rickie Fowler and a fist bump from this year's British Open Championship winner, Jason Day. This sportsmanship and camaraderie is the norm among the younger players.

Normally driving and ball striking are not Spieth's forte. He only drives about 290 yards much less than Rory MciIroy or Bubba Watson who drive in the 360 yard range but he is a magician with a putter. Twice today Henrik Stenson drove the ball within a few feet of the hole for an automatic birdie and twice Spieth matched the birdie with putts of 20 and 46 feet. He is hard to beat!

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