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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump leads in national Monmouth poll. Only Ben Carson has a higher favorability rating.

This poll is just now breaking so please excuse the copy and paste. The bottom line is Donald Trump has surged to 30% in the latest Monmouth Poll. On a more provincial note, Ohio wunderkind John Kasich has dropped to 2%. While Trump is at his strongest Jeb Bush has reached his lowest polling numbers in the history of the poll.

In the favorable / unfavorable table Trump leads everyone except Ben Carson whom supporters would probably rather canonize than elect as president. 


  1. Nuh uh. Love Carson. What do you really think of Trump?

    1. I'm trying to learn to like him. If he sinks Bush, which it looks like he is doing, he will have my gratitude. I favored Perry and Scott in the beginning but have given up on them and could certainly support Ted Cruz. I will not vote for Bush under any circumstance. Parenthetically this fall I will not be voting for mayor. The city's credit has been downgraded under the present Republican mayor and the Democrat, a state senator who left the state a couple of years ago to stymie legislation, promises to continue everything the incumbent is doing only better. All the Democrats can go to Illinois now as either house has a quorum without them.

      You and I seem to be more knowledgeable on the issues than either Trump or Carson. Carson is a sweet guy but I don't think of him as a leader. Fiorina is probably the best informed in the field on more issues and I would certainly vote for her. Bottom line: Trump, Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz are all acceptable. I do have to say I think Trump is the most exciting politician I have ever seen. Yes, I know it's an act but it's a good act and he is giving voice to issues none of the others will touch. I worry the public will tire of him before the election.