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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Debate ruminations about the future of the Republican party

  So I've let myself sit awhile before I talk about how the second Republican debate went. I'm always interested in what the talking heads are saying, spinning and sometimes outright lying.
  One thing the spinners can't lie about, even though they try, is that Carly took the night, hands down.
  All in all, however, the Republican bench is pretty impressive, especially in comparison to the clown car that is the Democrat bench. I mean, GEEZ. Hillary is the worst candidate EVER.
  Most of them did pretty well.
  Not so great were the moderators, who made little attempt to moderate and who worked very hard at ginning up animosity between the candidates.
  We need to know about Trump's insulting comments about the other candidates when the world is on fire, unemployment is unspeakably high and threats advance from all around our country?
  We really need to know who the candidates would recommend to picture on the $10 bill?
  Apparently we do need to know these things and it was certainly a good reason to extend the debate to three hours, eh?
  Generally I enjoyed the 3 hour format, though it could have been shortened to 2 1/2. It gave the candidates more time to respond; the problem was the doltish questions which extended the time. I liked Carly's response of saying no, I'm not changing the $10 bill.
  Chris Christie did well. Articulate and forceful, he pushed discussion back where it belonged, and made a great point by telling Trump and Carly to shut up about their careers.
  Scott Walker looked stressed and very sweaty by 8:45. Meh.
  Kasich looked weird, hunched and sort of goblin-ish. Not sure what to think about his responses.
  Ted Cruz did ok but he looked at the camera which creeped people out. In addition, he sorta looked like a puppy dog in the headlights.
  Trump. Huh. Times I liked him (he really did sorta act more accommodating at times) and other times he looked like he was floundering because he doesn't have substance behind his bloviating.
  Rubio looked good: he was articulate and focused. I'm really tired of the "my dad was a waiter" stories these people tell.
  Carson...well, not very forceful. Quiet. Commanding when he did speak, which wasn't often. Not sure he really hurt himself but I don't think he helped himself. Still, he projects strength and goodness. I like this. 
  Bush looked pasty to me and sort of petty, as if he was struggling to make an impression. I didn't appreciate his speaking in Spanish on the campaign trail and he should have dropped the, "Apologize to my wife!" peeve after saying it once.
  Carly was great. She's bright, articulate and forceful. You could really see her in charge of a large disgusting entity like our federal government. Criticism of her as "cold" is bullshit, IMHO. Would these same critics have made the same comment about a man? 
  So much of what we see on tv is actors playing out their roles. Certainly Obama is the guiltiest of them all, not to mention the robot queen Hillary.
  And, yes, it'd be great to see Carly take on the robot queen.
  All in all, I was pleased with the debate. It could have been trimmed and certainly the moderators need to be better than school playground monitors. 
  The moderators need to raise the bar to the actual issues.
  The issues.
  The world is falling apart. We need some real debate, not fluff and incitement.
  But seriously.
  What has the Democrat party got to offer but old hippies, communists and cranksters?
  The Republican Party, once they get rid of the Boehners and McConnells, is where true growth can be found if we nurture it.

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