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Monday, September 7, 2015

Religious principles, hypocrisy and the Left

   Hypocrisy appears to be the hallmark of an effective politician these days.
   Let's start with the issue of gay marriage.
  Now, personally I sort of wonder why Kim Davis wants to keep a job that requires her to do something she feels is morally unacceptable yet I highly resent one man on the Supreme Court determining that gay marriage is a constitutional right, forcing others to comply in all ways even though they believe that the act is morally wrong.
  The culture is changing. Of this, there is no doubt but somehow those who support cultural issues refuse to accept Christians' right to disagree. They want everyone to celebrate, not just accept.
  I might use a young friend as an example. 
  This person projects a family friendly, somewhat patriotic image. 
  This person writes frequently in national venues about finding inner peace in yoga and how wonderful it is to be a parent. 
  Yet this person finds this execrable post amusing enough to hee hee about. 
  How amusing that a human being is sitting in jail, conflicted over a moral decision that has impinged on her livelihood and well being. The article declares a series of tweets as "smart" and "funny" and "genius," then goes on to relate a series of moronic, sophomoric cursings taking Davis to task for being willing to go to jail for her beliefs.
  If you're for gay marriage, however, you're smart and clever and justifiably morally outraged that those who disagree won't celebrate Justice Kennedy's decree.
  Likewise, John Kasich announced yesterday that Kim Davis should just "do her job." On one level, I agree with him that a government worker should render unto Caesar what is his.
  What I can't agree with is the stinking hypocrisy of Kasich pompously decreeing Kim Davis should just do her job, even while we Ohioans have to live with the memory of Kasich's piously overruling the voters to expand Medicaid in Ohio, claiming that God would want him to do that.
  Oh, yeah? Don't you think Kim Davis thinks God wants her to do what she's doing? Opportunity Ohio remembers that Ohioans had reasons for not wanting to expand Medicaid and it was not about denying health and welfare to the needy. We're the ones who stand in line behind 20 year olds at the grocery store, watching them whip out cash to pay for alcohol and using their discreet EBT card to buy the steak.  
   Meh. It was just about politics, not religion or principles.
  Opportunity Ohio:
If Medicaid expansion for Governor Kasich was a politically calculated move to enhance his chances of reelection, he has traded a perceived short-term victory for Ohio’s future.  Aside from a purely budgetary standpoint, it should be noted that 75 percent of Medicaid recipients in Ohio self-identify as Democrat voters, while only 13 percent are Republican voters.  This statistic should serve as a warning as Republicans further the culture of government dependency fundamental to liberal-progressive policies.  Maybe this time around Governor Kasich will be able to siphon off some independent and Democratic votes with his progressive policies, but future Republican gubernatorial hopefuls shouldn’t count on it.
  In response to the Kim Davis controversy, Obama's simpering spokesman Josh Earnest declares that:
“[T]he success of our democracy depends on the Rule of Law. And there is no public official that is above the Rule of Law. Certainly not the president of the United States, but neither is the Rowan County clerk. That’s a principle that is enshrined in our Constitution.”
  Yeah, because Obama follows all laws, upholds the authority of the three branches of government and respects those who disagree with him.
  If only Kim Davis had been a Muslim we all know this would have ended differently. We must respect religious differences, after all.
   Moving on down our hall of hypocrites, there's Hillary's insistence that she really did do her job--though incompetently-- by hiring and paying a company to house her server in a bathroom and an IT guy who not only did not have security clearance but who's declaring that it would be unfair if he had to tell the public that what he's actually been doing could land him in jail. Hillary's family all accessed the family server because Hillary thought it would be easier.
  On her, not the country. 
  Now the FBI is looking into how many foreign governments accessed State secrets.
  Meanwhile the "oblivious" Joe Biden has declared that the last 7 years have been murder for workers, that there is no "level playing field," and that certainly the rich don't pay enough in taxes to support the likes of the Democrat workers who vote for stuff like closing coal factories and energy rates "necessarily sky rocket."
  These are the same folks who boldly declare the best way to deal with the mysteriously evolving global warming is to institute communism around the world because then the underlings can't actually protest that they're getting screwed over.
  Like in China, where the big shots just do what they want and use a disagreeing populace for body parts
  On to immigration.
  In an excellent piece by Richard Fernandez, these threads are pulled together in "Marx materializes at the border":
One of the characteristics of Leftism is that it always works best for the “masses.” The Vanguard are somehow always exempted from its strictures, as they have important work to do. Individuals who sincerely decry “carbon footprints” see nothing wrong in flying by private jet to denounce the use of fossil fuels. The bigger the private jet, the more credible the environmentalist.
  Droughts are for little people
  Fernandez discusses the various ways in which Leftists make rules that they ignore in their own lives, not the least of which is the mess that immigration has become worldwide.
  While we have Syrian Christians being slaughtered daily, our State Department--which refuses to enforce the law for South American and Muslim immigrants--says they'll think about the Christian dilemma sometime next year, presumably after they're all dead.
  Won't be much of a problem then, I guess, even as our government advertises in Mexico for people to come to the US for the generous welfare benefits and flies in "persecuted" South Americans to be put up in camps complete with internet, games for children and free everything while banning religious leaders from the "outside" who might unduly influence the refugees or squeal about the government's profligracy.
  This, while Leftist mouthpieces like the NY Times print gauzy family immigration pictures and decry the cruelty of anyone who would reject such sweet little dumplings entry into the US.
  Perhaps the NYT missed these illustrations of the act of love of entering the U.S. illegally:

  Immigration law needs to be reformed
  This great country needs to be a haven for the persecuted, but when taxpayers pay for immigrants to become transgender and then it is declared that, even though she of the male appendage broke the law, she of the male appendage cannot be returned to her home country because she of the male appendage might be persecuted for being a she while still having a male appendage.
  Let's just not worry about those Syrian Christians being tortured and murdered. No, really tortured, not just denied a tube of Cover Girl lipstick. 
  Leftists and abortion.
  Abortion videos have revealed a seamy evil scheme to make money off little bodies, those little bodies representing a woman's right to choose death for a perfectly formed fetus who would have had more chance of life if he or she had been a stray cat or dog.
  Or maybe a chimp.
  You're not for women's rights if you favor life for full term babies, male or female.
  Hey, let's go watch some more cute cat videos, eh?
  This is hypocrisy of the highest order and, I must say, hypocrisy that deserves divine judgment.
  Personally I wouldn't want to stand next to any of these people when God decides he's had enough.
  I certainly have.
  May God have mercy on those of us who beg forgiveness for the sins of our leaders.


  1. If you factor out the media attention and the political implications she could be another Henry David Thoreau. He knew the implication of failing to pay the tax and chose jail instead. Unlike Orville Faubus or George Wallace ( two outstanding Democrats ) Davis is paying a price for flaunting federal law but wins a victory if she does not comply. A Hoosierman administration would not fool around with defunding sanctuary cities. Instead it would haul the mayors into court and give them a chance to prove they have as much resolve as Kim Davis. If you think about it her case is not much different than that of the Little Sisters of the Poor. All the Obama administration wants them to do is to sign a paper which they refuse to do.

    1. The other thing that is interesting to me is how judgmental Leftists are concerning her prior life. I really do believe Jesus can completely change a person's life. I don't think I would behave as she has but I support her right to 1) civilly protest 2) follow her conscience 3) and most importantly, ask for accommodation. I don't believe she's asking the Supreme Court to revisit their decision; she's asking for accommodation for a religious belief that agrees with much of our culture which has been purposely ignored by the legal elite ie California. Hey. Even Madonna's gay brother thinks she's being wronged. That said, Christians also need to learn to love those with whom they disagree.