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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Many Americans believe Obama is a Muslim

  One out of three, to be precise.
  Gee, why would anyone think that?
  I dunno. I'm so confused.
  He disappears for periods of time when Americans are under siege in Benghazi.
  He prefers to let Muslims immigrate in huge numbers to the US.
  He ignores Christians being persecuted in the MIddle East, saying he'll get to them next year when they're all dead.
  He's decimated civility in the MIddle East, preferring to coddle the Sharia dictators over the more democratically oriented leaders, leaving the democrats to flounder and cry, "Obama, where are you?" and "Shame on you Obama!"
  He mocks Christians for things they did 700 years ago in retaliation of Muslim aggressions, yet ignores contemporary aggression by Muslim countries.
  He calls patriots "unAmerican" because they disagree with his notion that America needs to be cut down to size on a global stage, ignoring what the world looks like without America, a concept many Americans recognize as horrendous but the elite among us mock and embrace.
  He routinely ignores significant Christian religious and patriotic holidays, usually posting pictures of himself doing something.

  I guess it doesn't really matter if Obama IS a Muslim or not: his early childhood was spent in Muslim countries and he was raised by self confessed Communists. What's not to love?
  His actions speak. 
  And he sold out our security for a so-called legacy by making nuclear bombs accessible to the world's largest sponsor of terrorism.
  Like I said. What's not to love?

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