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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If you're in favor of the massive migration to Europe, watch this first

  In general, I'm not a fan of Alex Jones and his crowd, but this video pretty much sums up what's going on in Europe with the invasion of millions of people claiming to be Syrian refugees.
  Have you noticed most of them seem to be young aggressive males?
  Have you noticed they are demanding money, housing, benefits?
  Have you noticed many of them are assaulting police in these countries they are asking to take them in?
  Have you noticed they all want to go to Germany? And did you know benefits are richer in Germany than any other country?
  Have you noticed how violent many of them are?


  1. We could take the Christians. In the little Western Maryland town I lived in as a very young kid Syrians were the third largest immigrant group behind the Irish and Italians. I know they were Christian because they all went to Catholic school. I would support that only if we took in whole families.

  2. Yes, I feel the same way and was even looking into hosting a family. My problem is I don't trust anybody anymore. This is what Obama has done to this country. Nobody trusts anybody anymore.