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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Older women love global warming.

As everyone who own a television knows by now Donald Trump has increased his lead in the race for the Republican nomination. In the CNN / ORC poll Trump leads with 32%, Carson places with 19%, and Bush shows with 9%. Looking into the internals of the poll one can discern a noticeable enthusiasm gap of 10% to the advantage of the Republicans. Among voters who describe themselves as being extremely enthusiastic about voting, it's 40% to 30%. Among self identified conservatives that number is 42% while liberals and moderates score 22% and 21% respectively. Tea Party supporters score 40%.
Respondents to the poll were asked to select the issues which they though were "extremely important", "very important", "moderately important", or "not that important". The economy scored 52% as " very important".  Medicare and Social Security was the another top concern with 50% while terrorism was viewed as extremely important by 49%. At the bottom of the list of concerns was global warming with just 23% thinking it was extremely important.
Who are these people? I wondered. Drilling deeper into the data I found that 25% of women think it's extremely important but only 21% of men share that worry. The data for non whites was not available but only 18% of white respondents though it was extremely important. Income wise, among those making less than $50,000 27% had developed the phobia while only 21% those on the top side of $50K had. Is it a fear drilled into facile young minds on colleges campuses? Evidently not. Those with no college are more apt to be the true believers with 26% while only 21% with some college voiced maximum concern. Data for younger voters was not available but among those over 50, 25% fretted about the coming apocalypse. Makes sense. The less time you have on earth the more you should worry about what's going to happen in the distant future.
Who does believe this poppy cock? Democrats. Thirty-three percent of Democrats answered extremely important and among respondents who oppose the Tea Party that number hits 38%. Wouldn't they be happy if a President Trump would appoint Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy?
So now we know. The typical global warming alarmist is a woman over 50, non white, with a high school degree or less who gets by on less than 50 grand per year, votes Democrat and dislikes the Tea Party. She might be mistaken for a typical Obama voter.

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