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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Maybe Pope Francis should stay home and preach the glory of open borders to the European Union.

God works in mysterious ways we are told and perhaps He is telling his servant Francis to mind his problems at home before he travels 3,000 miles to upbraid the Trumpsters for their alleged nativist propensities. Who knew Europeans were nativists and xenophobes. For years the Democrats and their friends in the media, academia, and Hollywood have deplored the low morality and the failure to exhibit globalist egalitarianism on the part of the Americans who bear the adverse consequences of unfettered immigration but now it seems that these American attitudes are really quite continental. In the video below Italians exhibit outrage, and presumably natavistism and xenophobia, at the government's really cool plan to turn their neighborhood into a refugee camp. Imagine paying a mortgage and seeing property values crash while the immigrants live next door at public expense. What the hell. It takes a village.
We have yet to see any videos of His Holiness welcoming the newly arrived citizens of the world nor read any reports of his meddling in Rome's immigration policy but what with having to preach the gospel of global warming and making sure the Castro brothers are not misunderstood by nativist and xenophobic Americans there are limits to even the pontiff's time.

The French don't seem to be any more accepting in their role as gracious hosts to new arrivals who are seeking refuge, compassion, and above all welfare. While Italy is the largest point of entry most refugees realize it is simply too poor to provide the public assistance they have dreamed of. Most would prefer to press on to France, Britain, Switzerland, or Sweden where the citizenry has the requisite affluence to be good globalists.

One might argue that it is simply as a matter common courtesy to display a pretence of gratitude but that seem more than a good refugee can muster in Hungary. When offered food they refuse it. They throw the bottled water given them by Hungarian relief workers on the railroad tracks. Just take us to Austria on the trains your people need and be quick about. Who can blame the Hungarians for building a razor wire boarder fence until they can get Trump to build them a wall and make Mexico pay for it too.

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