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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Obama to get second Nobel PEACE Prize. It's a joke, right?

    I know, I know. I thought this was a joke but apparently, according to USA Today, it's not.
    Barack Hussein Obama will receive the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.
    From USA Today satire : (USA a satire site--)
The Nobel Committee cited three separate contributing factors which led to their choice of President Obama a second time.
  • The first was his for his leadership in brokering a diplomatic solution to the disarmament of chemical weapons in Syria.
  • The second was for his strong commitment to drawing down the military presence of The United States in foreign countries, most notably Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The third was for his strong and continuing support of the United Nations and international law. Specifically his commitment to the U.N Assembly to move aggressively forward on U.N. resolution 21 and provide support for UNODA.
  So basically all you have to do to get a peace prize is :
  • Sell the security of the United States to the primary sponsor of terrorism in the world.
  • Make sure those terrorists get to "police themselves" when it comes to owning a nuclear bomb.
  • Subvert your country's Constitutional law for "world" law.
  • Set the entire globe on fire with millions of people--primarily young aggressive males--seeking "asylum" and running over borders in search of either generous welfare payments or jihad.
  I hope I'm outta here before all this goes down.
  I think this IS a joke, whether true or not. Eh? 
  Nothing surprises anymore.


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