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Thursday, September 24, 2015

After inviting bomb hoaxer to the White House Obama blocks 13 year old critic from Potus Twitter feed.

Americans who have long since given up hope that someday Barack Obama would find the fortitude to actually stand up to Vladimir Putin are not apt to be dissuaded from their belief that the leader of the free world is utterly spineless when they learn that the White House lacks the gumption to take on a 13 year old boy. As pointed out before C. J. Pearson is not your typical run of the mill underachiever who the uber wuss-in-chief finds to be intellectually enthralling. He has no juvenile record and at times does imply that the President is a complete dolt. Nevertheless blocking the youngster from the presidential Twitter feed seems a bit extreme even for the supply spined former community organizer. Pearson documents the affront to free speech with a screen capture that he posted on Twitter.

The White House denied blocking Pearson which resulted a small scale Twitter war. This is on of my favorite jabs.

Pearson  provides his perspective rather succinctly and without the aid of a teleprompter.

The White House's treatment of Pearson certainly contrasts to its fawning praise of  Ahmed (you didn't build that) Mohamed. As usual Obama and company jumped on a story with inadequate information. The the brilliant Muslim clockmaker built no clock. He simply disassembled an electronic clock, placed it in a pencil box and added a few wires to make it appear menacing. He deserved to be arrested and suspended from school. It was a bomb hoax pure and simple. One assumes that it is a mere coincidence that Ahmed's older sister also served a three day suspension for a bomb hoax.

The only advice I would give to Pearson would be to not punch down. It does nothing but give your inferior opponent the appearance of competence.
This is what a true teen inventor looks like.

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  1. Unfortunately I believe this young man's assertion has been discredited.

    He claims he's been maligned but I'm concerned evidence is against him. He seems like a talented interesting young man but he's got to learn misrepresenting is never acceptable, no matter what side he chooses. Anyway here's his FB page.