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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You can't keep a good man down!

The real life story of Coreco Pearson Jr. might confuse some into thinking it's a script from Family Ties. Imagine, if you will, two black parents living the good life in the suburbs of Augusta, Georgia. Despite being Democrats they must be exceptional parents because they are raising an exceptional son. There is but one thing wrong. When the press shows up at their door  it's not them they want to see. They want to speak to their 12 year old conservative son.

Probably they anticipated when he reached this age they would, like other parents, be under constant time pressure to chauffeur him to his activities but while other parents drive their kids to Pony League or soccer practice they have to haul their wunderkind about to make campaign speeches for the likes of then Republican Senate candidate David Perdue. It could be the kid is just manipulating Perdue. He has his own political agenda. He wants to be the youngest person to ever be elected to the Georgia state legislature but aside from the personal challenges he faces there is also a seemingly unconquerable constitutional barrier. Only 14 states  allow teenagers to hold state office and Georgia is not one of them. When other kids his age are free to play ball or just hang out at the mall CJ must put in a 40 hour work week to amend the Georgia constitution. Things have slowed up since the election when he worked in four Republican campaigns doing the things volunteers usually do such as making phone call, ringing doorbells, and making speeches and it is beginning to pay off. The proposed amendment has attracted 7 cosponsors.
CJ first became interested in politics in 2008 when he heard the story of Sen. John Mc Cain's days as a pow. Unlike many very prominent black Republicans CJ was not interested in Obama's race. “I didn’t look at it as a race thing,” he said. “For me, it was more about who really cared about your country.”

He probably learned about duty and honor from his father who is a retired army sergeant major but he didn't learn about healthy eating habits from Michelle Obama and her school lunch mandates. "Don’t feed ’em, just teach ’em how to eat better", he says
It should go without saying that he is the president of his middle school class. To read more about this remarkable young man go here.


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