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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obama refers to self 118 times in 30 minutes

  Many bloggers have noted that the White House's favored way of celebrating any event: a picture of Obama sitting in Rosa Parks's seat, Obama looking at the sky when an astronaut died, Obama in front of the Lincoln statue on Lincoln's birthday, "honoring" JFK's assassination, Nelson Mandela's death, passover, El Capitan climbers' success, himself on Presidents' Day. Of course, Obama has inserted himself in history like no other individual.
  This has been a pattern of behavior since the Exalted One took office, as recently as Martin Luther King's birthday this year.
  Now flip over here to PJ Media to read how Obama 1) compares poverty in America with poverty in India (!)  2) tells India climate change is going to ruin their country  AND 3) refer to himself 118 times in 30 minutes .
  Why does he do these things?
  Because, you know, Obama.

1 comment:

  1. I maintain that this self-absorption in the extreme is the quality that most distinguishes our 44th president. I wonder if his followers will ever notice.