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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Joni Ernst is no Sarah Palin

The kindest thing I can say for Sen. Joni Ernst's rebuttal to Obama's state of the union sermon is that   it was shorter and slightly less tedious. Rather than offer an alternative to Obama's failed policies and broken promises, Joni recalled riding the school bus with bread wrappers over her shoes.
We are thrilled beyond words to know you drove a tractor and worked at Hardee's. All that is fine for the campaign but your a big girl now, Senator, for chris sake put some meat on the table. And we are ecstatic you'll be working to balance the budget but god dammit we want to see the blue prints of a budget that balances this year not some go to hell Paul Ryan pipe dream the gets there in 10 years.
Ernst began by thanking Obama for sharing his ideas and then stated rather than responding to a speech she would like to talk about our priorities and then proceeded to talk about the GOP's priorities. She condemned Washington's penchant for talking points instead of real solutions and droned on the next 7 minutes with the same shopworn GOP talking points we have endured for the last 6 months. Jesus! Get a speech writer, lady!
What would have liked to have heard is that it is within the Republicans' power to repeal Obamacare. It was passed with 51 votes as part of the budget reconciliation process and can be repealed with 51 votes as part of budget reconciliation. The easiest way to rein in out of control bureaucracies is to eliminate them. There is no reason to fund the EPA of the NLRB if they insist on being an extension of the Democratic Party.
Give us Sarah Palin!


  1. She was all right. I just think the Republicans suck and need to get a plan. Newt has certainly not been my favorite lately but he had the vision thing. Where are the Republican leaders? I think she was probably saying exactly what the big THEY told her to say.

  2. The contrast with Palin was spot on. There was plenty to dispute in SOTU and Joni served her guests leftovers. Cold leftovers. This rebuttal was as painful as SOTU. I am tired of Ernst already.