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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rep. Roby files the Prevention of Executive Amnesty Act of 2015

Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama has filed the first stand alone bill, entitled the "Prevention of Executive Amnesty Act of 2015," aimed at rolling back Obama's executive amnesty. The bill would bar any spending whether it be fees, funds, or appropriated monies from being spent to implement DHS's amnesty program. It is straight forward and concise, only 3 pages in length, and would if passed stop amnesty in its tracks. The trouble is it would be vetoed by Obama. Roby knows that but she also know that if the bill is attached as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security's spending bill Obama will have no choice but to sign it or shut down the entire department which would mean laying off not just ICE but also TSA, FEMA, the Secret Service and a myriad of other security agencies.
My own thinking is when the IRS spending bill is passed it should contain an amendment requiring Obama to appoint and have confirmed by the senate a special prosecutor before any money could be spent. Vetoing that bill would entail shutting down the entire Department of the Treasury which means no new T-bills could be issued.

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