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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obama the petulant diva, both as an adult and a teenager

   I've been recovering from the results of the much discussed influenza and have only been motivated to cruise the internet discriminately. It's not that my stomach was upset with the flu, but rather that continuing to read the bilge being written about our betters' naughty behavior upset my stomach.
  Honestly, I really need a break from this junk once in a while (well, maybe more than ONCE in a while) because I start to feel just as dirty as the crooks running the country just by reading about it.
  That's probably why I started idly browsing Obama's history in Hawaii as a teenager, probably because he made me so mad when he disrupted a military wedding so that he could "play through" on the most recent of his many vacations.
  What I found was sort of interesting; these were things I hadn't heard before, even though this article was written before Obama became president.
  Like this. Did you know Obama's high school---the one where he had felt so discriminated against---hs a "country club campus with nine tennis courts and an Olympic-size pool and an endowment of $180 million"?
  Sounds kinda exclusive, huh, for a guy who feels he's been targeted by the police because he's black and came from such a deprived background.
  Then there's the fact that the people who ran the school and all his friends were quite, shall we say, surprised to learn about Obama's teenage angst, chronicled in his memoir.
Most classmates and teachers recall an easygoing, slightly chunky young man, with the same infectious smile he sports today. Yet many say they have trouble reconciling their nearly 30-year-old memories with Obama's more recent descriptions of himself as a brooding and sometimes angry adolescent, grappling with his mixed race and the void left by a father who gave him his black skin but little else.
  Trouble reconciling?
  Politico notes that Obama's "narrative" had been "spun almost entirely on Obama's own terms and in his own words," but that his "life's story" was being "edited by others," a task in which Politico eagerly enrolled itself to help push Obama over the winner's line.
  Still, in this 2007 article, Politico mentions Obama's old friends felt "ambivalent" about the stories being spun and subject to the "vagaries of memory," which presumably means the friends' memories didn't measure up to Obama's "dreams."
  Surely race has gone on to be the linchpin on which Obama nails his leverage over the American people, a linchpin that didn't mean much to classmate Dan Hale because Obama's depiction of Hawaii as "a place where race really mattered hardly resonated with [Hale]."
"I was certainly oblivious to a lot of what he references," Hale said in an interview. "If you look at our teams, that year I was the only white guy on the starting five. You had three part-Hawaiians, one Filipino and me."
  In fact, just as so many college classmates have said, Hale couldn't remember much about Obama at all.
  In fact, many classmates and teachers are completely mystified by the sad tales Obama's told about his misery as a child:
Most of his teachers and friends express sorrow that they did not know of Obama's racial anguish or inner demons. "I wish I would have known that those things were bothering him, or if they did bother him," said Eric Kusunoki, Obama's homeroom teacher from grades nine through 12. "Maybe we could have helped him. But he seemed to have coped pretty well."
Others are more skeptical that the boy known as Barry felt the angst described by Barack. Furushima said that many of her classmates have expressed dismay at Obama's rendering of the past.
"We are just such a mixed-up bag of races. It was hard to imagine that he felt that way, because he just seemed happy all the time, smiling all the time," she said. "We have so many tones of brown here. If someone is brown, they can be Samoan or Fijian or Tongan. I can't tell if someone is Fijian or black."
  The article goes on to detail more skepticism about Obama's perception that a community of primarily people of brown and black skin could be so harsh to the young ingenue.
  Then let's not forget the chronic Liar-in-Chief also fancied himself an athlete, yet Obama didn't apparently didn't get much court time which certainly doesn't speak well for the master basketballer.
For most of their high school years, Orme and Obama lived and loved basketball, even if their hours of practice never translated into much playing time on game day. 
  The mystery continues to this day.
  Who hasn't heard the stories of Obama's prowess on the golf course? Privately, however, the sycophants who play golf with him tell the truth about his "poor" playing skills.
  In public, Michael Jordan complained that Obama's a "sh***y" golfer, which apparently got under Obama's thin skin; TO BE CLEAR, we all know for Obama there is no level low enough for the most powerful man in the world.
  This last description of Obama as a teenager describes an Obama with whom we are familiar:
  If Obama did show flashes of anger or hurt, according to friends and teammates, it sprang from his lack of minutes on the basketball court more than his angst as a young black man in a multiracial society.
  Rather than ignore Jordan's dig or laugh it off, Obama chose to dig back in a most outrageously annoying way, considering that the number of hours he plays golf has been a frequent subject of ridicule:
The president later shot back by saying that “there is no doubt that Michael is a better golfer than I am” and that if Mr. Obama had been able to play “twice a day for the last 15 years, then that might not be the case.”'
  I'm trying to imagine possessing an ego that required me to respond to Jordan's needling.
  The thing is, the nation really will be happy to give Obama the time off to play twice a day for the rest of life, as long as it isn't on government property.

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