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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soros funded groups stop traffic AGAIN

  Though Leftists think they are gaining traction by protesting around the country, I think the opposite is happening.
  Today in Boston (and planned around the country) "Black Lives Matter" protesters have dumped themselves in huge 1200 lb cans onto I-93, their arms chained inside the barrels. Sadly, one of the protesters appears to have hurt his chin, needing on the spot treatment.
  Meanwhile thousands of people are stuck in traffic while the "End White Supremacy" banners fly over the smug white protesters, their barrels and their angry victims.
  It is obvious from the footage that this has been carefully planned to last hours.
  So certain people's lives matter, but all black lives? 
  What about the black people who need medical treatment today? The ambulances that can't get through to hospitals?
  So only certain black lives matter? And white lives do not?

  How is this creating fans for social change?
  Most emotionally balanced people do not respond well to this kind of bullying, which is typical of the social activist types, as we have seen in the highest reaches of our government.
  And did you think these people were doing this out of the kindness of their hearts?
  Think again, because today we learn how many millions of dollars George Soros has poured into intentionally disrupting the day to day operations of the United States. His goal is social disruption.
  These "disrupters" are being paid by Soros, $33 million last year alone. In all, his contributions to destroying American daily life are enormous:
Mr. Soros‘ two largest foundations manage almost $3 billion in assets per year, according to their most recent respective tax returns. The Foundation to Promote Open Society managed $2.2 billion in assets in 2011, and his Open Society Institute managed $685.9 million in 2012.
In comparison, David and Charles Koch, the billionaire brothers whom liberals often call a threat to democracy — and worse — for their conservative influence, had $308 million tied up in their foundation and institute in 2011.
  Some of Soros's goals include removing American's sovereignty, environmental extremism and manipulating currencies, which is where he's made his fortunes. Malaysai, Thailand and England's currencies have all suffering the devastating effects of Soros's manipulation.
  He also fancies himself a "messianic figure."
  He considers his time among the Nazis as the "happiest time of his life," because he saw others around him suffering but he himself "seemed" immune. In fact, Soros felt "exhilarated" at the "power" he felt by turning in fellow Jews because of a sense of "power."
  This man is a Democrat icon, an Obama supporter and foundational sponsor.
  Not everyone agrees on Soros's goals concerning goals for his Open Society, democracies and government operations.
  Blocking ambulances?
  Wow. This will not make friends.
UPDATE: 29 people arrested.

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