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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

If it's BS, it must be the SOTU

  So I did my duty, rushing home from a meeting to listen to yet another SOTU speech. (I hope there are no state of the union speeches in Heaven.)
  Regardless the party and maybe because of my advanced age, I have to say the whole thing sure is a farce.
  Of course, this year I watched it with Glenn Beck MST3k style. (If you don't know what MST3k is then, well, you've been deprived and you're probably a teenager which means you're not reading this blog anyway so.)
  Watching it became almost tolerable with the 3 jokesters screaming their objections to the lies being told last night.
  For example, a favorite Obama word is "fair." 
  After launching into another diatribe about fairness, Obama started listing all the new things he wants to give away. 
  That's fair, right? 
  That I should have worked hard all my life, paid for 2 degrees for myself and 3 degrees for other family members, saved for my twilight years and then am compelled to give free child care, free college and put millions of able young people on government handouts, reminds me there is nothing "fair" about a byzantine tax system that punishes those who work hard, play "fair" and are successful.
  That, regardless the last election, around 500 pampered elites in Washington, D.C. should determine the direction for the 316 million people of this country is galling, and reminds me of the situation faced by Americans during the runup to the American Revolution, so well depicted in the Broadway musical "1776."
  In it, Caesar Rodney, representative from Delaware, is depicted dying of cancer, impatient with the typical theatrics which accompany politics, even in those most distressing days. He must return to sign the Declaration, making it complete. Arguments ensue, and Rodney collapses, saying this:
Caesar Rodney: [a brawl has broken out] Stop it! Stop it! This is the Congress! Stop it I say! The enemy's out there!
John Dickinson: No, Mr Rodney, the enemy is here!
Caesar Rodney: No! I say he's out there! England! England closing in, cutting off our air! There's no time!
[suddenly very weak]
Caesar Rodney: No air...
  Though the writers here took artistic license (Rodney did not die until 1784), this scene has recurred in my mind time after time.
  It is not England this time that is closing in, cutting off our air.
  It is Islamic terrorism that is closing in and it is our own decadent government that is cutting off our air, regulation by regulation, law by law, tax by tax.
  Obama is a mean spirited, dangerously delusional man who can't resist consistently jabbing anyone who disagrees with him, such as the smallness he displayed last night when he cocked his head, narrowed his eyes, and disdainfully "reminded" Republicans that he won both presidential elections.
  Some of us have doubts about the accuracy of many of those votes, though considering much of the American electorate are more concerned with watching cat videos and updating their Facebook statuses than taking the time to learn that there are three branches of government in this country, many of the electorate still see Obama as something he is not.
  As usual, Obama's focus is to reward the underachievers, the angry activists and the aggrieved. Ultimately what he's done is reward the top 1 percenters in this country.
  Let's be honest.
  A favorite Leftist meme is that the poor need more, more, more. 
  It isn't "fair" that the top one percent have so much money and stuff, while the cat video people have less.
  Yet according to the Tax Foundation, the top 1 percent--often the most productive in our society-- pay far more than they ever have:
The top 1 percent of taxpayers pay more in federal income taxes than the bottom 90 percent. As you can see in the chart below, this is a stark change from the 1980s and early 1990s. But since the early 1980s, the share of taxes paid by the bottom 90 percent has steadily declined.
In 1980, the bottom 90 percent of taxpayers paid 50.72 percent of income taxes. In 2011 (the most recent year the data is available), the bottom 90 percent paid 31.74 percent of taxes. On the flip side, the top 1 percent paid 19.05 percent of taxes in 1980 and now pay 35.06 percent of taxes. 
  So who's paying their "fair share" of taxes? It sure isn't the "bottom" 90 percent.
  Ironically, while millions of middle class workers dropped OUT of the work force, the one percenters have profited more than anyone under Obama's policies.
  Daily Caller:
The nation’s top one percent of income-earners took in 95 percent of the income gains since the Great Recession.
Despite President Obama’s highly-touted stimulus and other economic policies advertised as economic restorations, the administration has emboldened the very target of Obama’s most recent State of the Union speech: inequality.
  Obama claims the state of the union is strong, that we have reached a "turning point" and the "shadow of crisis" has passed, which apparently means that the economy is good, all those people who are out of the work force really aren't and that there's no threat to the homeland from terrorism.
  More lies will be outed from this year's SOTU today.
  That pretty much sums up the state of our union.
  It's built on lies.


  1. And what do Republicans do? Ignore the lies and hope we don't notice.

  2. I was not aware of a Glenn Beck MST3K option. That would have made it more tolerable.

  3. I am so frustrated with the Republicans. They stand for nothing, apparently. It was one thing to let the Leftists burn themselves out but now. What.