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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Perrysburg City website hacked by Syrian rebels

  One wonders why the little old City of Perrysburg's website was worthy of being hacked, but there it is.
  From 13ABC:
For at least thirty minutes the site displayed a graphic video of what appeared to be a wounded child being tended to by medical workers.
A user named Dr. Sha6h claimed responsibility for the hack and also displayed a message that read "This is a message. Free Syrian People."
  Here's the image:
 From The Blade:
The flag shown is that of the Syrian Republic (1932—1958) and the Syrian Arab Republic (1961—1963).
  And Toledo News Now:
The writing continued: "This security breach is not to make damage, it is only to deliver a specific message to the world."The page also linked to Twitter and Facebook pages of a person or group named 'Dr. SHA6H'. This account tweeted Thursday morning that they had "#Hacked the official website of the City of Perrysburg in #USA Only to deliver a message #FreeSyria People"

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