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Thursday, January 29, 2015

EPA propaganda revealed in government memo

  If you're a radio addict, you might have heard this ad, over and over and over, with a sweet little kid gasping for air, complaining about having to go to the "hosbibble" because of asthma.
  Now we have documentation that these ads, which have run repeatedly, sometimes twice in a row and certainly many times per hour to the point of insanity, are government propaganda.
  Powerhouse WJR in Detroit has especially guilty of running frequent government propaganda, particularly since it changed management.
  Anyway we now know officially that ads like this are an intentional attempt by the government, specifically the EPA, to increase Americans' "personal worries" by emphasizing that the pet cause of climate change will directly affect their lives, since concern about the fake dead polar bear scare isn't working.
  No depth is too long to sink to tug on the heart strings and ultimately pocket books of Americans, the Daily Caller reveals in the EPA memo, discovered by Chris Horner, detailing the plan:
The EPA memo even says to use people’s children as a way to build up support for their efforts to fight global warming and ramp up clean air and water regulations.
“This justifies our work at the most base level. By revitalizing our own Children’s Health Office, leading the global charge on this issue, and highlighting the children’s health dimension to all of our major initiatives — we will also make this issue real for many Americans who otherwise would oppose many of our regulatory actions,” the memo reads

  The people plotting this are the same ones who are so concerned about climate change that they flew their private jets to Davos to discuss their concern about the environment.
  One in particular filmed an anti-oil film as he flew over the country while he spewed 6.7 gallons of jet fuel per mile into the atmosphere, costing the taxpayers $220,000 an hour to operate.
  They're the same ones who want 90 trillion dollars to get rid of all cars in all cities. 
  They're the ones who say that Africans can't have air conditioning or cars like we do because the planet will "boil over."
  These people want to get rid of fossil fuels, but have no workable efficient alternative, and won't argue the matter with opponents but claim the "science has spoken."
  These are the people--the truly religious among us--who are calling for the "beheading" of "climate deniers."
  And the ones who claim they want taxpayers to fund alternative forms of energy, just not in my backyard, as we can see by the canceled Cape Cod wind farms which even Warren Buffett claimed were only good for tax writeoffs.
  They're also the same ones who want "zero carbon emissions" by 2070. Um. Zero. That would mean no more humans, though they've tried to explain that away as short term and long term emissions.
  This is the modus operandi.
  Scare people.
  Then they haul out the little kids, first to threaten them in school so that long term they'll be more compliant to the religion of climate change and then to prop them up in sadistic ads like the one above.
  We are indeed becoming cynical when we see those little kids' rear ends being hauled out again to promote the Leftist agenda.

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