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Monday, January 19, 2015

Should the Tea Party be green gouging the public?

To update my How Green is my Tea Party! post it appears that our heroine,  Debby Dooley,  is either a party to or a victim of one of  "one of the great corporate welfare scams of modern times" according to Stephen Moore at the Daily Signal.
Moore make the point, as I did, that  laws requiring utilities to purchase solar generated power results in other ratepayers actually footing the bill.
"A sunny day with below-normal energy demand may lead to a surplus of electric power. The homeowners can sell this unneeded solar power at a tidy profit to an unwilling buyer at full retail cost — a level often four times the wholesale rate."
But it does not stop there. Solar companies are being sued in both Louisiana and California for deceptive sales practices and congress is looking into the scam as well. Rep. Paul Gosar has written the FTC asking if the booming solar leasing market — a “new industry with a limited track record and little regulatory oversight — poses a “considerable risk” to homeowners.
The good news is the 30% tax credit expires in 2016 so this scam is probably short lived. Typically the solar firms install the solar panels with no up front cost to the homeowner and take the tax credit themselves.
Readers are urged to read the Daily Signal post and Tea Party members should ask Tea Party Patriots why it allows one of its national coordinators to shill for these fly-by-night entrepreneurs.

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