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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Not too settled science!

“I want to stress that Lake Carriers’ Association and our members’ customers deeply appreciate the efforts of the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards this past ice season,” said James H.I. Weakley, President of the trade association representing U.S.-flag vessel operators on the Great Lakes. “They are the only reason we were able to move nearly 10 million tons of cargo under such challenging conditions. Still, it is clear that the ice conditions that prevailed last winter call for a reassessment of both nations’ icebreaking fleets. At a minimum, Congress must authorize construction of a twin to the MACKINAW so we can have two high-powered American icebreakers on the Lakes.
Who is going to tell Obama that he must take money from a budget that is already strained by the fight against global warming to build more icebreakers?

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