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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Obama and the coldness factor

  Living in this century seems odd at times.
  You live in your own little world of cozy cups of tea and family dinners, while watching the large glowing blue screens in your home spew all kinds of "life" at you. "Life" that includes the contrary images of murder and mayhem, funny cats and luxurious vacations.
  And "life" that includes many, many lies.
  Not unlike Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 where the population sits enthralled with the "parlor walls" (tv screens) in their living rooms, our lives are invaded with immediate "news," much of which is meant to indoctrinate.
  Like most interested Americans, I've been horrified and shocked at the Paris murders. Shocked, but not surprised because incidents like these are all too frequent these days.
  What is most disturbing to me, however, is the denial in which Leftists exist. Instead of questioning the humanity of the murderers, Leftists have 
1) focused on conservatives' reaction to the murders  
2) wailed and moaned that Islam is a religion of peace, not murder, in spite of countless murders 
3) accused horrified onlookers of being Islamophobic  
4)  blamed the US and allies for trying to root out the Islamic terrorists  
5) reacted so coldly one wonders at their type of insular spirituality.
6) celebrated the murders.
  Yet the reactions of two prominent American citizens stand out in my mind. 
  Not Howard Dean, who is apparently now an Islamic cleric, claimed the murderers are not Islamic. 
  Not CNN's administrators who demanded none of the offending cartoons be shown on their network.
  Not even the insane Media Matters, who immediately sought to capitalize on the murders by complaining that Fox News was capitalizing on the news of the murders for ratings. 
  Not even the execrable Shep Smith, who claimed it was "waaaaay out there" to blame Islamists too soon.
  No, there was the pompous John Kerry, who appears to have confused or at least dramatized his history in claiming that "France gave birth to democracy itself." 
  He gave a speech, concluding it by speaking in tortured French, peering down at the world from shadowed cavernous eyes, and I felt instant embarrassment for him and for our country. 
  Why? I think because suddenly the official governmental statement to France because about him. " I've had a privileged upbringing, and I speak fluent French, you see, and so I can identify with the French people in a way most Americans cannot," he seemed to say. 
  Perhaps this is a character flaw on my part because I cannot see John Kerry in any way that behefits him. It just seems that every chance John Kerry gets to flaunt his credentials about ____, he does it, condescendingly.
  The other person whose reaction to the Paris bombing was so disturbing was President Barack Obama's.
  Does the man ever feel anything for anyone other than himself and his grievances?
  He is so bloodless, so unfeeling, so dull when it comes to these horrific incidents that one has to wonder where his sympathies lie.
  Remember the "shout out" to the Native American soldier before he discussed the Fort Hood shootings? I wrote about it at the time. 
  Mr. Obama's reaction is similar each time something horrific happens.
  Remember Obama's mysterious absence during the Benghazi murders, his perfunctory statement and subsequent--apparently unfazed--fundraising trip the day following the murders?
  Remember Obama's absence during the first hours of the Christmas Day bomber and his lack of availability for questions?
  Oh, he's excited when he's on the campaign trail, alright, with his worshipers bowing down to him, screaming his name, fainting, as long as the equivalent of Greek columns are in the background.
  But when it comes to showing leadership, to showing real human concern over tragedies (particularly involving murder by terrorism), Obama seems completely void of anything resembling compassion for free people.
   He mugs solemnly for the cameras when the moment seems appropriate, then runs to the golf course or starts laughing as the mask slips.
  I was reading something yesterday that I believe explains Obama's behavior, notwithstanding his narcissism or the "coolness factor" that Leftists laud.
  Obama simply performs his perfunctory presidential duty as he perceives it, does not disrupt his schedule and goes on with his golf game, fundraiser, concert or speech while earnestly lodging some new complaint that  "_________ is not who we are."
  As if he knows who we are.
  We know he can behave in a concerned way for some Americans because he exemplifies that concern every time he rushes to the cameras to offer a statement regarding race issues in our country.
  But I think I've read something that explains perfectly to me Obama's behavior regarding America. Yes, I've seen the movies and, yes, I believe they are accurate in depicting the way Obama was raised.
  But in this article over at PJ Media, a former Islamist explains the indoctrination he underwent and how deeply rooted hatred for the West is in Islamic countries.
  This explains how a president--a prominent American--can allow (if not encourage) his daughter to admire a despicable rap group that spends a great many hours hating on everything that is America.
  It also explains why the Obamas were comfortable attending a church with a hater for a pastor for many years:
“Mr. President,” Brother Rachid continued, “I grew up in Morocco, supposedly a moderate country. Yet I still learned at a young age to hate the enemies of Allah, especially Jews and Christians. These are represented today by Israel and the West, especially the Great Satan, America.” He said, “We have been brainwashed to hate all of you in our sacred texts, in our prayers, in our Friday sermons, in our educational systems. We were ready to join any group that one day would fight you and destroy you and make Islam the religion of the whole world, as the Koran says.”
  Again and again, Obama has exhibited this behavior--brainwashed and repelled by American society. Add to that the indoctrination early on by self-avowed Communists and it's easy to see who he is.  
  The communists did their job well.
  So it would seem to me that Mr. Obama ought to change his familiar trope that such and such is not who we are.
  Instead, he should "it's not who I am."
  Because it has become clear time after time that compassionate, freedom loving, warm or concerned is not who Obama is.
  Bloodless, yes.
  Compassionate, no.
  They say perception is reality. It's not the truth that's important.
  It's the way the truth is spun, and the perception that  is created by the spin.
  It becomes pretty clear at this juncture, that who Obama is is not "cool" but rather cold, unfeeling and unconcerned about the destruction that follows his path.
  That's just who he is.

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