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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teeny weeny Obama takes it on the chin

  When the Paris attacks took place last week, I couldn't stop watching the live updates. I flipped around to FNC, BBC News and even a couple of those other news stations.
  I guess it's like any other nightmare terrorist scenario; as humans, we are inexorably pulled into the drama, though to be truthful, I'm one of those drivers who refuses to gawk at roadside accidents, partly out of pride and partly out of sympathy. I'm not sure which emotion is stronger.
  So I've been glued to the info, checking updates, watching every interview. Especially compelling to me was the Parisian marches--the uprising of so many Frenchmen and women of all religions, the mourning and subsequent jubilation of the marchers which energized (deteriorated?) into an almost carnival atmosphere.
  The live interviews with the protesters were insightful, partly because the Left wing media were so caught up in the moment that they forgot to censor some of the more candid responses and partly because there was something so refreshing about hearing people in France espouse the principles of democracy and free speech, something that has been under attack around the world, and particularly in American universities, for many years.
  Most stunning was the moment, shown live and then repeatedly, of the world leaders arm in arm walking together, mostly because there was no representative from America--the last best hope-- walking with them.
  By now, anyone reading this blog knows what's happened, given our rather, ahem, modest readership.
  The only American representative--the estimable Eric -let's imprison General Petraeus--Holder was too busy appearing on four American television news shows.
  The others were undoubtedly involved in something really important, like watching football. 
  Obviously the big wigs were ordered to stay away from the rally, because, you know, it might look like Obama was being critical of Islam, or something.
  So now the excuses--as usual have begun, from both the administration and their allies.
  This attack on the kosher market was not about anti-Semitism. CNN.
  Obama only had 36 hours to prepare. How could he get there as fast as he did for Mandela's funeral? I mean, they'd been planning on his dying for years! Of course, he didn't even ask the Secret Service about going.
  Obama didn't know about it.
  It would have inconvenienced millions of people because of Obama's entourage. Just forget about the dinner trips to LA, the New York traffic jams, the hundreds of people put out by Obama's frequent vacationing in exotic places. 
  There were too many people there.Netanyahu could be there in the vipers' nest but the implication was that OBAMA was too important to be there.  
  It was a waste of time anyway. Beckel.
  Besides Obama just got back from vacation. Why would he want to go there? Carter.
  Anyway, regardless the excuses, it's pretty remarkable watching all these Leftists wig out that Obama missed out on some big unity rally.
  Apparently they really don't know what a callow man- child is president. You know, the whole coldness factor.
  Watching him and his people make so many excuses for Islamist terrorism is reducing his profile both in the world and the country.
  Huh. It's about time.

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