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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Did you know Lochte has Brazilian witnesses to verify his account?

  So here we are.
  Our press, in general, has obviously abdicated their responsibilities as the Fourth Estate.
  This abdication has resulted in numerous false stories, leaked or released to the public, usually laced with hatred/contempt/malice toward America.
  Take, for example, the case of (the admittedly arrogant) Ryan Lochte.
  Numerous people, including religious activists, declared that Lochte was given a free pass for his vandalism as opposed to the complaint that Gabby Douglas was unfairly castigated for her lack of putting her hand over her heart. The reason for this was racism.
  Of course.
  Because it's always racism. Or homophobia. Or misogyny. Or whatever ism/phobia the press/Leftists can dream up.
  Anyway, the more we learn about Lochte's mess, the more it seems he didn't really do much to trigger a summons from Brazilian authorities to Lochte.
  In fact, his primary offense seems to be that he "vandalized" a free sign outside the obviously abhorrent gas station bathroom.
  Here's a picture. 
  In fact, USA Today reporters who actually investigated found that the so-called vandalized rest room appeared to be in "normal" working order. Kinda dirty. Kinda old. 
  In fact, much of what Lochte says happened to him has been verified by Brazilian citizens, including that violence against the swimmers was imminent and that a gun was pulled against them.
  And why did he "confess" he "lied"? 
  Because that's the easiest way out of what the Left's accusations. Do what they want, which means apologize, if they've accused you of something reprehensible.
  What is true and what is not?
  It's difficult, because our Fourth Estate doesn't, in general, care to discover truth, especially with regard to anything that interrupts the Left's narrative.
 Meanwhile, the Clinton "Global Initiative" has bilked people out of their money, has spent much of it on themselves (only 10 % has gone to those in need) and continues to rip off people like the Haitians.
  Now, the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate seem to have melded into Hillary Clinton cheerleading. 
  Why would this be, particularly with regard to the charge of racism toward Douglas and exemption for Lochte?
  The truth is that the Left has been pushing Marxism for decades.
  The Left hates America. The Left hates freedom; the Left wants to control our lives down to every last movement.
  The Left has been grooming the deluded young people in this country for decades.
  So here we are.
  Did you know Lochte had witnesses to verify his account?
  If so, why not? Why didn't you know?

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