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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump encourages Toledo

  I have a FB friend who attended the Trump rally in Toledo Wednesday night.
  What's interesting to me about this friend is that he has been pro-America, *rabidly* anti-Trump, pro Cruz for most of this primary season. He's intelligent, well-read and has been burned by the out sourcing of jobs to other countries.
  My friend is now pro-Trump, something many of my Republican friends are not.
  Some of my Republican friends despise Trump so much they can hardly mention his name without spitting an invective. Well, ok. Swear word after swear word.
  What's astounding to me is that the whole Russia kerfuffle has turned into a loyalty issue for some fence sitters, as if the sarcastic remark Trump made about Russian authorities finding Hillary's emails while our authorities could not was treasonous
  Somehow Trump's penchant for humor isn't appreciated by the lightly informed.
  Trump needs to monitor his mouth; he can't win if he keeps making cracks like the one about the father of a Muslim American soldier who was killed in the line of duty in service to our country. 
  I believe over the next few months, the more people figure how unAmerican and bad Hillary Clinton is, the more will come around to Trump's side.
  It's encouraging and I thank this friend for allowing me to use this pictures; there was standing room only at this event. The Huntington Center seats 8,000 while others waited outside. Almost 18,000 people were watching on Right Side Broadcasting alone; I didn't monitor local news stations' broadcasts but we can take encouragement from the fact that in the rust belt of Democrat depressed Toledo, so many people are interested not only in the election but in Trump.
  Now Trump needs to polish his presentation. His kids are a great representation of himself; his work record for creating jobs is outstanding, regardless what leftists say.
  So here we go.
  One voter at a time.
  He says he'll be back in 2 weeks.

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  1. You should have attended too. When you get old that would have been a story you could tell your grand kids.