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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I can't forgive Republicans who reject the will of the people

  I confess I've only been dropping in and out of the Republican convention. I know I'll be voting against Hillary Clinton, so what's to learn?
  What I have accidentally learned while watching the shenanigans this week is disturbing; why would I want to make myself more miserable by watching all of it.
  There's also always the problem of turning on Fox to see Shep Smith simpering and squealing, batting his eyelashes to garner admiration from his inflamed audience, which is another reason to avoid anything around 3 or in an emergency. 
  If you saw his virtue signaling "interview" with Bobby Jindal declaring that saying "all lives matter" is insulting, you know what I'm talking about. Let's not talk about GWB.
  Do I give a crap about Melania's (who knows 5 languages, btw) so-called plagiarism? 
  Was it plagiarism?
  Well, I guess if she repeated the same tired tropes that all politicians say to convince people to like them, yes, it probably was.
  Did I like her speech? I thought she was extremely compelling, not just because of her sexy accent and physical beauty, but because she seems intelligent and kind. 
  Will Melania's "plagiarism" hurt the Trump campaign?
  Um, no. 
  In fact, I think the pathetic mass media pile on will only solidify Trump's support. 
  My GOSH, it was absurd, especially given the willful ignorance of the press regarding the plagiarism, insults, threats, theft, lies and law breaking of the Democrat party and in particular the criminal Hillary Clinton.
  There were 27 words "plagiarized" in that speech: words like "your word is your bond" type stuff. Gee, nobody ever says that in America, do they? 
  In fact, the "comedians" in the Democrat party have immediately emerged with "comedy" imitating Melania, who they claim plagiarized "huge chunks" of Michelle Obama's speech. HUGE CHUNKS? Hahahahah! Aren't they funnY?
  Though a speech writer (who happens to be a Democrat) has now confessed to the "crime" of plagiarism, regardless the plagiarism of Biden/Obama/Democrats I have to wonder if, indeed, this was an act of sabotage or, at least, extreme sloppiness by the Trump campaign.
  Powerline bloggers, who aren't big Trump fans, have a good commentary:
Yes, it was sloppy and amateurish for such a mistake to have been made, but compared to what Democrats do Melania’s stumble isn’t even a parking ticket. Democrats simply lie about everything. It’s their business model. Maybe they just take their clues from Hillary and Elizabeth Warren. (Memo to Trump, incidentally: You should be calling Warren Fauxcahontas, since she made up her Indian heritage as a way of perpetrating a fraud on several universities in their hiring decisions. And she plagiarized a cookbook. Seriously: a cookbook.) And the media seldom devote as much attention to liberal lies.
  Now, maybe Trump has rejected the RNC's help in organizing this rally, but I sorta doubt it. Given the frequent and obvious hostilities expressed by so-called Republicans toward Trump, nothing would be more believable than the fact that the RNC is not only letting the lack of organization disrupt the rallies, but also encouraging it.
  Given that John Kasich hasn't seen fit to attend the RNC event in our own state, nothing, nothing would surprise me or anyone else who's watching as events unfold.
  The problem for these snobs is that Trump voters are so fed up with the media and the superiority of the Republican elite that we can see right through the (insert invective here. I'm trying to exercise a period in my life where I refrain from cussing.).
  Here's an example of the repugnant reportage on the right from the Weekly Standard:
There are worse fates than covering a Republican convention, but damned if I can think of any. The traffic is ungodly. The frumpy delegates look like they were tailored by Betsy Ross. The protesters smell like old cheese stored in a used sweat sock. And in the unlikely event you stumble upon an untold story, rest assured it will have been tweeted six ways to Sunday before you can even turn on your laptop.
  Oh, ho, ho! Apparently Mr. Labash wears only Armani and cleanses his pores several times daily, not to mention the requisite Botox and organic face peels. Is he being comically sarcastic? Who knows and who cares? I'm not forgiving him or reading him again.
  Then there's Allahpundit over at Hot Air who has heard some juicy gossip from the NYT that Trump offered both domestic and foreign policy control to Kasich if he'd consider being VP:
To believe this, you’d need to believe that Donald Trump has no interest in the presidency apart from its value as the ultimate ego trip, a supreme indulgence to vanity in which everyone he meets will now have to treat him as the world’s biggest big shot.
So, yeah: Highly plausible.
  Work your way through the rest of the post and you'll just feel virtually kissed and hugged by Allahpundit if you support Trump, even marginally. Well, not.
  I have "conservative" FB friends who post repeatedly how much they despise/fear/disdain Trump and his supporters. 
  Regardless what Hillary Clinton will do to the Supreme Court, regardless what Hillary Clinton will do to national security, regardless the number of lies Hillary Clinton has told and the crimes she has committed, not to mention her absolutely contemptuous attitude toward any American who doesn't support her, my "conservative" friends, many of whom are Christian, remain themselves contemptuous of Trump and his supporters.
  Look, we know what Hillary will do to this country. We don't know with Trump.
  Trump is soliciting advice from good people (notwithstanding the execrable Roger Stone), and his kids sure are great examples of successful hard workers who exemplify the American dream. Yeah, he had 3 marriages but you don't get kids like that without some moral fiber.
  Several conclusions I have reached, then: the media aren't even pretending to be anything but an arm of the Democrat Party.
  Many Republican elites aren't even pretending to be anything but an arm of the Democrat Party, which is exactly why Trump is where he is now.
  The evil that we see enacted daily on our tv screens has one goal: break down the current legal system and use that opportunity to reinstate something sinister.
  There's much more at stake than just an election.
  And for that fact alone, it's hard to forgive the so-called "Republicans'" or "conservatives" who refuse to are behaving so badly right now.
  The will of the people has been determined. 
  Why are they having so much trouble accepting it?


  1. It comes down to one word: Pride. Beck, Erickson, Will, Kristol, Goldberg...they all fancied themselves kingmakers. They don't like the taste of humble pie and they want us to be as miserable as they now find themselves.

    1. They don't seem to get that when they dis the candidate, they dis every voter who supports him. The mockery, the derision, the contempt are slams against the VOTERS, not just Trump. The VOTERS know this is coming and so it makes no difference in their support of Trump. And wow...those Trump kids are sure great representatives.