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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Can America afford an "extremely careless" president? I don't think so.

  Of course, most of us believed the FBI would cave to the Democrat machine, though some tiny hope flickered that he would rise above the bullying in which Obama and the Clintons have perpetrated on the government sectors.
  One of the problems with Comey "clearing" Clinton of the email scandal is that the American people have lost any faith in the administration of justice in this country.
  It's not just Tea Partiers; the public in general is being told over and over you don't have to obey the law, and that there are different rules for the elite in this country.
  This is an outrage, something we'll be chewing on for the next few weeks if not months.
  Sanctuary cities? Break the law, no problem.
  IRS abuse? No problem.
  Riot in Baltimore? Hey, the fashionable mayor will give you "space" to "deshtroy."
  Before we get too hysterical about the situation in this country, let's back up.
  There is another investigation into the Clinton Foundation's corruption, though we don't hold much hope for justice, after what we've seen.
  Comey's behavior was "shtrange" in that he took no questions and clearly stated that Hillary's behavior was "extremely careless."
  Questions linger, even after Comey's half ass explanation. 
  Hillary's team freely deleted government documents, sloppily moving from one server to another and trying to delete documents she was legally bound to preserve.
  Comey clearly found top secret information that Clinton had denied having sent or received.
  The timing is extremely fishy.
  People know this.
  But politically....
  Does anyone doubt that this was all timed to coincide with Obama's appearance with Hillary today?
  Does anyone doubt that those of us--even the marginally convinced--who've followed what's happening will be even more determined than ever to get out the vote in November?
  Yes, she should have had charges brought.
  But the fact that she hasn't really been cleared (extremely careless?) will only bring strength to those who oppose her.
  Politically this FBI announcement just confirms what everyone believes about justice and politics in this country: the corruption runs deep and we have to do something about it.
  Comey says her "intent" was not to deceive?
  And how would he know that, given that she and her minions destroyed, moved, scattered top secret documents and then lied about it?
  Now the question.
  In this age and given the Wikileaks release of Hillary's emails, can America really afford to have an "extremely careless" person in charge of our security?  
  This Comey announcement may serve to work against Hillary, moreso than if she had had charges recommended against her.

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