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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why the same day, Dems/MSM? Cooper laid the groundwork, obviously

  Well, we knew this was coming soon. You knew it when Anderson Cooper acted like a prosecutor with Trump, asking over and over, "Have you ever..."
  The tactic is quite similar to the Stephanopolous tactic used on Romney, as I recalled, in which a "news" person repeatedly asks loaded questions in preparation for a Democrat dump on Romney.
  Trump should have brushed it off but, oh, well, we knew this would be coming anyway.
  You'll recall the "news" media/Dems used the woman tactic on Herman Cain.
  It's really remarkable that all the women who've been saying for years that Bill Clinton/Hillary as enabler are a poisonous duo are being called "tramps" and "middle aged looking" women who are "not looking their best."
  Now we have 4 or 5, eventually as many as it takes to ruin Trump, women/tramps/not looking their best claiming Trump was grabby and they're so hurt that the same day they've all decided to come forward to complain about Trump.
  So where's the planning here? Why would you so transparently break the stories of 5 women on the same day, other than simply politics?
  Undoubtedly there are more "tramps" waiting in the wings for their moments in the sun of Hollywood/D.C. approval.
  So why wait to spring a political October surprise? Why not when he first decided to run?
  Sorry. Doesn't cut it.
  Cooper prepared us for this. They ALL knew there was more because it's all a plan to inoculate Hillary and her thugs from the reality of her character and behavior.
  She's a crook.
  It's just too bad that more people will be chanting "CNN sucks" in future days.
  And it's too bad that a paper like the once respectable but now broke NY Times is going bankrupt for their Mexican billionaire owner for this one thrilling moment.
  You and your kind truly are irredeemable.


  1. I got a notion the law of diminishing returns kicks in pretty quickly in this instance. Allegations of sexual assault are based on today's college campus code of sexual conduct. I'm not sure how our age peers view all this and I certainly don't know the women's point of view but I suspect too much of this invites more tedium than outrage. It's a little browsing the National Enquirer while checking out your groceries.

    1. Well, truth be told, Donald Trump hit on ME one time when I was on the way to Florida. BTW, have you seen this? Is this the UGLIEST dude you have ever seen in your life or what.