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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Republican cowards run from Trump

  Let's get this straight.
  There's no excusing what Trump said; there's also no excusing what he has done in his past.
  The problem with people like Mark Kirk pursing their lips and condemning Trump's behavior that we ALL KNOW everyone's got things in their past; if you're a politician, however, you've worked hard to hide what you've done.
  Meanwhile the woman who had a 12 year old affair with Bill Clinton claims Hillary has, well, if you've read the Drudge Report today you know what Flowers said about her sexual escapades.
  So let's not try to excuse this.
  But let's understand that personal selfishness doesn't usually get people killed, or steal money from Haitian people, or break the law by destroying government information, not to mention completely open borders.
  So Mark Kirk, Jason Chaffetz, please understand. You've had decades of shielding your private behavior from the public.
  Y'all (this includes Democrats) were so excited to get invited to Trump events before he decided to run for president and to surround yourselves with glamor and wealth.
  But now that he's running for POTUS, y'all are acting like you're so much better than he is and in fact he has cooties.
  This is BS.
  One thing you can count on is that Republicans will run in the face of conflict  and leave the wounded on the side of the road.
  Is there more on Trump? Undoubtedly.
  The fact we never expected an angel factors into this. People who are so freaked out about this were never going to vote for Trump anyway.
  Does this affect my support?
  Of course not. 
  Buck up, dummies. It all comes down to this.
  HIllary hates America. You are deplorable. Irredeemable.
  Donald Trump loves America. And HE has the most to lose in this race.
  She only has a long held dream of complete power slip away from her.

1 comment:

  1. I find this blowup over Trump's private-now-public "open mic scandal" to be nothing more than laughable and, no, I won't even go so far as to condemn it.

    I see this as nothing more than guys being guys doing what they love to do - boast about their male virility. Seriously, does anyone think this hasn't been going on since the beginning of time, everywhere, in every culture? Seriously?

    I'm tired of the sanctimonious finger-waving of the right and the left trying to make us believe they can throw stones in glass houses!

    I would like to know anyone who hasn't laughed at the same type of cock-strutting conquest stories these guys on the bus were laughing at - and they were giggling like school girls. Heck, I've been around plenty of women on girls-nights-out doing the same thing, laughing and measuring things up.

    I'm not condoning the language but this testosterone chatter wasn't meant to be public. Geez. Who was the pervert who taped this salty stuff and held onto that tape for 11 years waiting for the right moment to use it for self-serving and malicious purposes?

    As far as Trump's apology and cancelling an event, who among us wouldn't want to crawl through the floor if something they said under the assumption it was private was suddenly exposed to the public and not only to the public, but to the entire world?

    Geez, if anything, I have a new compassion for Trump because he's in a rough way and he's not a politician. I can't imagine surviving such a horror!

    And finally, there's always the facts - the stubborn facts. Sure, there were a bunch of guys doing guy things but where is the proof this event ever happened? Has the woman stepped forward? When did it occur? The conversation happened after his marriage, but does that mean the encounter did?

    As always, the left relies on the populace to be emotional reactionaries oblivious to facts. To give this any credence, I need facts.