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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clintons doing what they do best: eliminating the competition

  Admittedly, this has to be one of the nastiest political campaigns that we have ever seen.
  I have to say, though, that this is what the Democrats/MSM always do to Republican candidates, who never ever fight back so it's refreshing to see some aggression on the part of the R rather than just the D.
  See, the theory is this, IMHO. Smear wise, you go as low as you have to go to bury your candidate; the depth depends on how low your candidate already is.
  So we look at the Clinton cabal and how corrupt they are, not to mention the lasciviousness of WJC. This is pretty low.
  So, naturally, what do we do?
  We try to make Trump worse than the Clintons in the sexual intimidation category.
  (One wasn't upset with Trump's "groping hands" as long as  stayed above the waist. Ooookay. Others asked for money and influence for their businesses, as recently as a month ago. Suddenly they all come forward after Cooper purposely pushes Trump at the debate, all at once. NYT immediately runs a video with several cameras focused on the "victim," dramatic lighting and only missing the dramatic music. Coordinated? Hahaha!)
   So, well, that's all falling apart, with others coming forward to denounce the motivations of some of the women.
  But now the obviously wankered Trump accusations are being mocked across the web.
  My favorite is this:
Dave Grigger, a grave digger from Lazbuddie, Texas has made the shocking claim that Hillary Clinton forced herself on him during an airplane flight from Austin to Lubbock, Texas in 1979.
Grigger told the Lazbuddie Herald, ‘Yeah man… I was just sitting there cleaning my fingernails … drinking a Coors Light … and then, BOOM! She was on me like stink on a monkey. Tryin’ to kiss me, licking her lips, and singin’ ol’ Marvin Gaye’s song, Sexual Healing! And She smelt like sardines and Caress bath soap. I’ll never forget that smell!’
Grigger went on to say he was, ‘traumaticized for life’ but he hasn’t said anything until now because ‘he doesn’t want Hillary becoming President and what not.’
There are no witnesses to Mr. Grigger’s story but he earnestly told the Lazbuddie Herald that, ‘He’s swears to baby Jesus it’s true.’
  As you can see from this picture, Mr. Grigger is not in his prime anymore (to quote Eleanor Holmes Norton) and obviously a tramp (to quote Joy Behar) and therefore we obviously must believe him.
   Now we know that Democrats who are licking their chops to get this nightmare back into the White House and assume they are going to get away with, well, murder once she's in there. 
  He's complaining about the Hillary sardine body odor but we must ask this question.
  Why, why did she not smell and taste like the hot sauce she carries with her everywhere?
  Trust no one!

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