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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Did Trump leak his own tax returns?

  Mike Cernovich at Danger and Play asks the question: Why did Trump leak his tax returns?
  This is a provocative question, provocatively answered. I have to say his logic makes sense. 
  And, I have to say, you don't see any of those bleeding heart Buffetts offering to pay extra. It's the tax code, y'all, all 75,000 pages of it.
Why did Trump leak the returns rather than release them?
Trump can talk about his comeback story and America’s comeback story while still bashing the hoaxng media for publishing “illegally obtained” or “possibly forged” documents.
  Dilbert's creator Scott Adams says it was either the "smartest or the luckiest thing that has happened to him in the last year."
  Really, this is hilarious.
  As Cernovich says, he played the media again.
  That wily coyote.
  Or should I say Road Runner, in for the long haul?

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