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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Solar Savings in America???

When I was young(er) whenever I received a piece of unsolicited mail with a return postage guarantee on it, if I was feeling particularly out of sorts that day, I would wrap up a brick  in plain brown paper, glue the "return postage guarantee card" to the package and drop it in a post office box with my return address on the label.

I never had one returned and many times I quit getting unsolicited mail from the sender.  Amazing how that works.

Now, I get unsolicited emails like the one above.  I don't know what rock a person would have to have been living under to have not heard that solar energy is a scam.

If I could find a way to send this company a brick it would have been in the mail today.


  1. They're workin' the angles to max out the financial benefit before the roof caves in.

    You gotcher idiots walking through the mail who want to feel good by "offseting" their flight by contributing to Algore's pension plan.

  2. I don't know what rock a person would have to be living under to have not heard that solar energy is the best thing to happen to Earth since the cave man discovered fire.

    True, the companies that want to sell and install you a system will charge you way more than it is worth. The above company charges about $50,000 for a 5KW solar panel array and electronics to hook it to your home power grid. You can build and install it yourself for about $15,000 maximum ($10,000 low end) and pocket the rest of the money and go on vacation.

    Solar energy is not the scam, the companies that want to install it for you are scamming you out of money by overcharging.

    1. Solar energy is the biggest scam since wind energy. You can pay a lot of electric bills for $10,000-$15,000 and 5KW wouldn't run my two A/C units. I probably average $200 month electric bills. If I had solar my bill would be lower but I would still have a bill when the sun ain't shining.

      The payback for my house would be in excess of 10 years and that is acceptable.

      Wind and Solar contribute less than 1% of the energy of this nation.

      Anyway, I came to this this site because of the first comment. Why am getting unsolicited email from some scam artist and there is no unsubscribe option.

  3. Solar energy powers the planet period. This company may be a scam and we may not have perfected the technology, but anybody who categorically claims that solar energy is a scam is too stupid to argue with.

    1. never said better

    2. Funny how this person calls someone stupid, but posts anonymously.......just saying.

    3. Wait, I posted ironic.

    4. Idiotic and uninformed.

  4. Solar has been increasing in popularity around here (MN). Plenty of sunshine, and panels produce a little better in the cold. I haven't put it on my house, but I've looked into it, and talked with around a dozen people who have. As a conservative skeptic, that's how I proceed. Every single solar owner has raved about their energy savings and the ones who know math (accountants and engineers) have done financial analyses on their systems that show pay back times of under 10 years (their calculations based on their readings, not math done by a scam artist). Nothing wrong with that.

    Yeah, the government subsidy is somewhat offensive to my conservative roots, but it has an expiration date (2016). If we have to have a subsidy, that's the way to do it - some funds to get the ball rolling in that industry, then it has to stand on it's own or fall on it's face. Compare it to the oil subsidies that go on year after year with no expiration date in site, going to companies that make record profits and send most of it overseas. That's a subsidy we need to get rid of. While we're at it, maybe the airline and auto industry subsidies should get some attention too. I don't see any expiration date on those. Why shouldn't the airline industry have to stand on it's own based on a free market system?

    Anyway, the point is, if you gotta have a subsidy, at least make it expire like the solar one, and make sure it helps local honest workers, not big overseas oil companies. And if you take an honest conservative look at it like I have, solar is looking like a really good deal as prices have come way down in the last few years. I've seen solar energy systems that have been working for 50 years. Nothing wrong with that. Putting in modern equipment at today's prices to make free energy...nothing wrong with that either.

  5. You have to step back and look at where the comment is coming from. Tea party PB. The unfortunate part of our country is that its divided into 3 "parts". You have the two coasts which have more educated mid to high class populations. And then you have that middle of the country. Populated by the "Schleps" who watch Fox News and wholeheartedly believe that what is said there to be true. The Ignorants who feel that we can continue to burn fossil fuels forever with no consequence. Those who cling to guns and religion yet do not understand that our religion is based on helping others not the selfishness that they have corrupted it into.

    Lets look further down the road of ignorant bliss. These very same people claim to hold our Constitution in the highest regard yet they can't grasp the simple concept of "All Men are Created Equal".

    We have only look at recent events to understand the mindset of the "Primitive". C'mon. How STUPID does one have to be to think that someone who is NOT an American could possibly reach the office of President? This just screams of a total failure of them to reach even basic 8th grade understanding of our legal system.

    This is where the comments come from. They bubble to the surface from the depths of this country's weakest link. Those who have not yet escaped the 1950's.

  6. I won't refer to the fact that our bloggers here have significant educational degrees, something "anonymous" apparently thinks only east and west coasters are able to attain.
    Oh, but, wait. Y'all are "high class populations," something I might have missed from the vitriolic nature of anonymous's comment.
    At first, I admit, when I read anonymous's comment, I thought maybe he/she was being sarcastic. You know, the whole bitter clinger demagoguery.
    And, then, of course, there's the charge of racism again, even though this blog has consistently supported persons of color for elective office.
    Oh, well, it's impossible to get through to people like anonymous. The truth is his/her comment perfectly exemplifies the problem in this country.
    Here we are, earnest bloggers making the arguments for our points of view.
    And nasty, bigoted, unreasoning, unthinking, cultist fanatics who mock US for being the opposite.
    Yeah. That's quite a choice.
    Oh, and here's another reason our bloggers are skeptical of solar energy. Government promises, prevarications and exaggerations generate kickback money for campaigns and demagogue the issues, only for all of us to discover that there's very little science, fact or reason for government to pour campaign dollars into industries such as solar. In fact, the private sector does a much better job.
    But, then, don't bother reading it because it might rattle your cage.
    Oh, and did you know that the government RUINED the real solar industry in this country?
    Yeah, you might know that if you did a little research.

  7. So basically anything the government subsidizes is bad?

    1. See, that's what you do. You get involved in emotional overstatements intended to vilify and/or discredit your opponent.

      Government is not efficient; government is slow-moving (look at the Sandy mess. Those people are still waiting.). Government is so full of itself that, once it starts something and creates a new layer of government, it will never, ever cut that program.

      Government is necessary for some elements, obviously. But look at all the new laws and regulations that Government installed just in January. It's appalling. You can't have more than 4 cats?

      Oh, then someone will argue, "But this lady had 400 cats and they took over her house and when she died, they ate her and people had to clean up the mess."

      And then some new regulation is put in place to be sure nobody has 400 cats. Oh, wait. Let's just make it, say, 4 cats. Why not 5?

      So you have eco-friendly lightbulbs that are tremendously expensive, require a hazmat team to clean up if broken, burn out just as quickly as the traditional bulb but you're paying 40 times as much, and MAY CAUSE CANCER.

      Our rights do not come from the government. They come from Nature's God.

      And let's just say that when you cede that control--the belief that your rights come from the government and not Nature's God--you give government the right to take away whatever Senator So&So's aunt persuaded him to.

      Like I said, this government ruined the real solar industry in this country. Instead THEY get to decide who's the winner and who's not.

      And don't get me started on gun control, which leaves the most vulnerable inner city citizens as victims to the gangs that run the hood.

      Rahm & Barack get armed guards in their kids' schools; the rest of us get the government telling us we can't protect our kids.

    2. You said it, nobody else did. The truth will out. There is a difference between providing an army and subsidizing companies run by political contributors - or don't you see the difference?

  8. Government by the people --- Not my way or the highway. Exactly what does our President have to hide in avoiding transparency with regard to his college (Columbia) theses and term papers? What has he to fear in disclosing the truths that lie therein? Al Gore has shown where his interests are - not in Solar or Global warming (which is actually a natural phenom) but in MONEY - including the oil money that he accepted from Al Jazeera. The guy is a fraud and the President is the biggest con man I have ever come across and I'm a WWII Combat Infantryman in my late 80's with advanced degrees who has seen plenty of them (con men).

  9. You don't have a clue about what you are talking about. Solar City just had a very successful IPO and there is ton of VC money pouring into the space. The cost of the panels is dropping and the cost of energy is rising. If you can protect yourself from inflation, help America become energy independent, and save money, why not? This is isn't a "scam..." do your homework....its called a "fact."

  10. Fact: Huh. Guess you haven't heard about fracking.