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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Utica Update: Monroe County is the new hot spot

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Blue denotes permitted but not drilled, Green denotes producing and yellow indicates drilled or drilling.

Horizontal well status as of 6/7/2014
PERMITTED - Permitted, Not Drilled, or Canceled (408)
DRILLED - Drilled or Drilling (421)
PRODUCING - Producing or Plugged Back (467)
INACTIVE - Drilled Inactive or Shut in (1)
PLUGGED - Final Restoration or Lost Hole (12)
Dry and Abandoned (3)

As the Utica "sweet spot" moves south 25 permits were issued for drilling in Monroe County. Nineteen of the permits were issued to Gulfport Energy which will drill 4 wells on a single pad in Adams Township. According to ODNR there have been 47 wells drilled in Monroe County with 17 producing. In second place was Belmont county with 22 new permits. Belmont has 31 wells drilled and 13 producing. The other top counties were:
County June Permits Drilled Producing
Noble 13 50 34
Guernsey 18 32 26
Harrison 17 95 60
Carroll County saw 12 new permits while Geauga, Jefferson, Trumbull and Clay Counties each received a single permit.

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