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Monday, July 7, 2014

What kind of parents send their kids alone to the US?

  The news this last week is too disgusting to chronicle. The Obama people are crazed with power, running rampant over the rights of ordinary Americans.
  Honestly I don't think I can write any rants about the nutso stuff that's happening. To make matters worse, watching Leftist FB friends freak out taking offense at every little thing is becoming intolerable.
  I mean, we've tolerated our differences for years, haven't we?
  But now, there are just too many victims to help.
  Do those hyperventilating Leftists think to ask why people are so divided in this country, just when their guy--the community activist who's made money agitating the public--is in office?

  To say Obama is an unpleasant individual minimizes the problems he's created.
  Why aren't any "media" people asking what kind of loving parents send their four year olds or teenagers across a continent alone to gain access to a "better life" for themselves?
  We're supposed to be sympathetic to people who come here illegally and then "can't find" their smuggled children who come unaccompanied . 
  We're supposed to welcome them with open arms and pocketbooks as the government "distributes" them around the country.
  From KRGV:
A statement from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says ICE began using the airport to help with processing the children arriving from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Those children are then distributed to Health and Human Services Department facilities around the country. [snip]
More than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended since October.
  So at least 52,000 mothers from Central America have sent their beloved children to this country alone or with paid coyotes. 
  (Cue soft fuzzy romanticized pictures of mom, child at home in Central America, sad mom wondering where ICE has sent her child. Cue music, preferably strings with an occasional sad flute and pull of a harp.)
  Now I ask this.
  In this country, do we really need more parents who don't watch their kids? 
  Who are more focused on their own comfort and happiness than the welfare of their children?
  Do we really need more unparented teenagers running wild in the streets?
  Do we really need more kids in already stuffed schools with teachers who aren't allowed to discipline them?

  And really, Obama?
  You're really heading to Texas for fundraisers, ignoring the mess you're creating on the borders?
  We've lamented repeatedly that Obama is oblivious and unconcerned about the optics of his taking vacations, golfing and attending fawning fundraisers while the country burns?
  And, really
  You're really going to send Americans military dressed as jack booted thugs to beat back protesters who are trying to save their villages from being overrun by unparented aliens?
  Let's hear it, compassionate Leftists, for unparented children. Let's import dozens of them to your neighborhoods, eh, and see how you feel about it?
  Because, seriously, this is an assault on the lower and middle classes of this country because those unparented kids are NOT going to be headed for the wealthy neighborhoods in this country.
  Or for the Nancy Pelosi mansions.
  They're going to the streets.
  Because we need more unparented kids in America's city streets.
  No, my heart isn't broken for these kids. 
  Their parents need to take responsibility for them.
  Caring about your children does not mean sending them alone into the desert hoping it will ultimately benefit you.

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