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Friday, July 4, 2014

Cynical: Obama planned immigration mess?

  Happy Fourth of July from the President of the United States!
  We are watching thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants pour across our southern borders. 
  There has to be something to the belief that the Obama administration has purposely created this situation.
  Why do people think this?
  In January, the Obama administration advertised for baby sitters for thousands of illegal immigrant children. 
  There have been multiple accounts of advertising in Guatemala and Honduras to rush our border to get across, where you can present a rehearsed line so that border agents will settle you in an American community.
  The current law which allows our government to send illegals home was written with Mexico in mind, not the non-contiguous countries of Central America. Thus, Obama's loophole. 
  Though he is making a show of asking for money and "pleading" with Congress to change the law, all this works to his advantage, regardless the financial and social cost to the American people and to the lives and safety of people making this dangerous journey.
  By creating this "opportunity" to admit thousands and thousands of dependent people to the United States, Obama is widening the permanent underclass and creating a political issue to play with the lives of people, particularly his political opposition. 
  Politico interviewed "senior White House aides are clearly excited at the chance to go after Republicans again on this." 
  Uh, yeah, they really said that.
  Does that sound like the governing people care about the future of this country?  
  "Excited" at the prospect of another wedge issue? 
  Unfazed by the prospect of thousands of lives disrupted, young girls raped, children dying in the desert?
  Democrats think this is a great set up for the 2014 elections, according to Politico, in which they hope to persuade voters that Democrats are the way to get illegal immigrants into this country to produce yet more "change". 
  Groups that are pro open borders, pro illegal immigrant, pro dependent class were promised in March by Obama that he would be acting in 90 days to appease them:
Obama’s pledge to act on his own “will make really clear who is who and who is for it and who is against,” Medina said. “The immigrant community will be very appreciative that the president is taking action. People will look at the Republican Party and say this is not a party for me.”
Democrats are counting on that to become a winner for them, illustrating Republican obstructionism in a way that specifically lights up the president’s progressive base.
  Of course, these are the same people who do not want ID cards used in voting. 
  But this issue is different because our safety and economic future are very clearly at stake.
  Americans have been pretty benign about many of the things Obama has been doing but not with this.
  We blogged before about the protest in a small town in Virginia that stopped the feds from immigrant dumping in their town.
  Now the town of Murietta is in the eye of the storm.
  Will the American people lie supinely by while Obama works to further diminish American sovereignty?
  I don't think so.

  The camps holding these people are full; doctors and nurses are threatened with arrest if they talk about the numerous diseases that are crossing the border.
  Pro illegal Democrat Guttierez's office, when asked about diseases the immigrants bring with them, said Americans shouldn't worry because American children already have their immunization shots. 
  Does that sound like they care about the welfare of the United States?
  Plans to relocate the illegals are secretive. 
  The people being transported in buses (with darkened windows) and planes are loaded with germs and bugs. Will the buses and planes be deloused for the "immunized" Americans who follow them?
  Why are state officials not allowed into facilities that house these individuals? 
  Why are barriers set up to prevent people from seeing what's going on in there. 
  From the Daily Caller, we see the blocked gates and the security guard preventing an Oklahoma Representative being denied entrance into a camp in his state. The CO said he could go in, but not the "security" guard, whose function seems more to prevent the public from seeing what's going on rather than provide security for the individuals inside:
   There's much more on this as we watch events unfold.
  The fact that the Border Patrol is fed up certainly helps; Obama's people treat whistleblowers like the enemy, so we will see where this goes.
  One wonders where all those Leftists are who claim to want transparency and respect for the whistleblower.
  Leftists may think they'll win more votes on this issue; I do not.
  Indeed, I believe this issue will strengthen the belief that Obama is nothing more than a cynical politician whose primary goals are to increase the underclass and gain control over even the minutest details of the lives of others.
  Here a Border Patrol agent suggests that the illegal immigration issue is part of a larger Obama plot.

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