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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hillary's chances sink lower

  It looks to me like Hillary! is getting dumped by both factions in the Democrat party and the press; perhaps this is because some nasty stuff is emerging about her.
  Or perhaps it's because riding Obama's coattails puts one downwind of a pretty terrible smell.
  Or perhaps it's because Democrats are panicking.
  Or perhaps it's because Hillary'! is a pretty unlikeable person and a terrible politician.
  What nasty stuff, you ask, innocently, as if the Clintons haven't been carrying pretty nasty luggage for their entire political lives.
  Well, for one thing Hillary is known for mistreating the FBI, the military and anyone who gets in her way or is assigned to "protect" her. Unfortunately that info's re-emerging, even as we hear that Old Bill has a regular mistress who visits their home when Hillary's out with Huma.
  Now it's been leaked to the press that the Clintons lobbied against the bumbling David Shuster of MSNBC, to the extent that they set the bumbling Shuster up to get fired.
  Then there's the push by the moonbats to draft Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, who's farther left than Obama, if it's possible. 
  (Don't get me started on the hypocritical Elizabeth Warren's protestations that student loans are unreasonable, given that she was the beneficiary of a salary of "$429,981 as a Harvard law professor from 2010 to 2011 and got nearly $134,000 in consulting fees on legal cases in 2010." This was for teaching one class.)
  Anyway the press seem to be piling up the negative Hillary reviews and jonesing for Warren. Her book sure bombed.
  Benghazi haunts. 
  She is perceived as "unqualified," not unlike her former boss, whose ratings are about the same as Hillary's.
  And wow. That red reset button with Russia. That's really proven to be fruitful, eh? 
  Even turns out that button was "an emergency stop button that had been hastily pilfered from a swimming pool or Jacuzzi at the hotel ."
  That would be stolen, in Midwest lingo.
  Perhaps that is why Hillary! is hinting around that maybe she just wants to "stay home, have teas", be a grandma and bake cookies instead of run for POTUS.
  It sure looks like the press is moving on, in addition to her Clinton-fatigued party.

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