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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obama playing a high risk game: will he win or lose?

  Apparently all the digs at Obama are getting to him. Numerous catcalls about Obama claim he is "lawless" or "incompetent" so he rushed out in front of the cameras in front of his little presidential podium and claimed the US is imposing sanctions on Russia, even though sales are UP since he announced the sanctions.
  What I found interesting is Obama making these pronouncements in front of the presidential helicopter; to me, this behavior indicated something deeply psychological about his reaction. It's as if the majestic background of the White House wasn't enough. Instead he needed the "support" and strength of a military backdrop because he is perceived as weak and ineffectual.
  Sure, maybe he was on his way to a fundraiser among friendlies  to blast those with whom he disagrees, but still.
  It's hard to understand the grinning jackanapes cheering and clapping behind the recent Obama appearances. He only appears in front of them, because he knows there he will actually look like people still like him.
  But there they stand, seemingly unaware that they look like fools.
  Elsewhere on the web, we see lots of conservative handwringing over apparent public apathy regarding Obama's executive order government and the indifference over the mess he and Democrats are making of the country and economy.
  I suspect something else is going on.
  First, conservatives traditionally do not force their way into public discourse as Leftists do. That is the nature of being conservative. We haven't had an election recent enough to verify the energy behind public sentiment.
  It's often difficult to argue with Leftist publicly because you are accused of being racist, etc., thus conservatives tend not to be as pushy as Leftists.
  And who is our voice? If you think about the constant push from Hollywood, their dreary products, the Leftist press, academia and the constant harping by idiots like Barbara Lee and Nancy Pelosi, it's pretty amazing there are that so many people who oppose Obama.
  My other observations are anecdotal but appropriate, I think.
  Have you looked at the comments sections of articles critical of Obama on liberal news sites like Politico and The Hill?
  Except for the buffoonish New York Times, comments are running overwhelmingly negative about Obama. There's an awful lot of energy against him, countered only by a few Democrats, possibly part of the White House employees cartel paid by taxpayers to pump propaganda into the mainstream.
  In addition, though our blog is small and not widely read, it is remarkable the numbers of Twitter followers we add every day.
  Unlike the White House, we do not participate in phony programs to pump up our Twitter followers so our numbers are modest.
  But there has been a substantial uptick in recent days that indicates to me that something is going on. 
  Of course, there's always the cheating problem we come across with Democrats. They will do anything to win, including stopping the use of voter ID and importing millions of illegals to swing the vote.
  But in recent days, even the Jesse Jacksons of the world have been noticing that this influx of low skilled illegal immigrants will take from the system and flood the job market (not to mention the welfare roles) with cheap labor.
  This is a high risk game Leftists are playing; it has nothing to do with the health of the country and everything to do with gaining power over the lives of others.

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  1. I was going to write on this subject. It is a high wire act as Obama goes where no man has gone before. He's betting the near term future of his party and he could win but my gut tells me that coalition politics demands something close to parity among the competing groups and Hispanics may be slopping too long at trough. The worse thing that could happen is for the coalition to fall apart in the next few month however Obama has painted himself into a corner on amnesty. Senators Pryor and Hagan are screaming for him to back off because they know it would mean their political demise. OTH if does back off he may alienate his liberal base to the point that it stays home and sulks on election day.